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Pumpkin flavor

Pumpkin flavor comes in many different forms for a variety of uses. Perhaps one of the most popular forms of pumpkin is the canned fruit that is most commonly purchased around Thanksgiving to make pumpkin pie. However, there are multiple different forms this flavor is produced and you can even find pumpkin as a vitamin supplement!

Here is a list of different uses and types of pumpkin flavoring.

Pumpkin extract: For baking and for other uses in the kitchen
Pumpkin Oil: Most commonly found as a supplement
Canned Pumpkin Flavor: Mostly used during the Thanksgiving Holiday

Pumpkin is a great source of Vitamin A


Mint is often used in cooking and in the kitchen for it’s aroma, mint is considered an herb! Many products are sold using mint flavoring or extracts, including and not limited to: Mint ice cream flavors, mint candy flavors, and often time even mint tooth past. The Mint gives the mouth a sense of “freshness” that some people would say gives a “cool” sensation. This freshness sensation of the mint helps it gain popularity in toothpastes and in mouthwashes.

“mint 1 |mint|
1 an aromatic plant native to temperate regions of the Old World, several kinds of which are used as culinary herbs. • Genus Mentha, family Labiatae (or Lamiaceae; the mint family): several species and hybrids, in particular the widely cultivated common mint or spearmint ( M. spicata) and peppermint ( M. × piperita). The mint family, the members of which have distinctive two-lobed flowers and square stems, includes numerous aromatic herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, sage, and thyme.
• the flavor of mint, esp. peppermint.
2 a peppermint candy”
Ref: Oxford American Dictionary


Picture of peppermint: Robert H. Mohlenbrock @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database / USDA NRCS. 1995. Northeast wetland flora: Field office guide to plant species. Northeast National Technical Center, Chester.

But Mint flavoring is not limited to toiletry items, in fact mint is often used in cooking, baking, and in ingredients for drinks. This includes the popular drink the Mint Julep that is a southern traditional drink. One of the main ingredients in this drink aside from the bourbon is the Mint! Another very popular mint flavor food item is ice cream! Ice cream commonly uses the mint extract to infuse the flavor into the cream which give the cream a unique cool and fresh flavor…


Extracts are used commonly for baking, puddings, custards, ice creams, among many other desserts…

The most commonly known extract is the Vanilla extract.  But extracts are not limited to just vanilla, they come in many flavors that can suite any occasion. Among the flavors other than these are some of the extracts available to you!

Vanilla extract, pineapple, rum, anise, banana.

Lemon extract, butter, coconut, peppermint.

Orange extract, chocolate, maple.

(reference: Adam’s- Adam’s Extract website)

Anise Cookies – Anise Extract and Anise Seeds

Anise cookies are especially good for those people who like the flavor of licorice or licorice flavored pastries since it is made with anise seed or anise extract which both smells and tastes like licorice. (Anise seed is a seed related to caraway, dill, and fennel, and is popular in European cooking, in particular with fish and shellfish cooking to give the food a Mediterranean flavor. Look in the spice section of the supermarket for a bottle.) Anise cookies are a great choice for the holidays because of the sweet licorice flavor..be advised though that the taste is bold, and not subtle. If you’re looking for recipes for how to make anise cookies – here’s a good Anise Cookie Recipe for those looking to use their anise extract or anise seeds in a tasty dish. Here’s another good recipe for Italian Anise Cookies. Finally, here’s another recipe for Sour Cream Anise Cookies. So licorice lovers pull out your anise extract and get cooking!

p.s. For more info on anise, check out my post on Anise Flavored Liquer.