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When is Blue Bell coming back?

The Blue Bell ice cream brand is still not available in stores but it is expected to coming very soon! If you have been to your local grocery store shopping for ice cream you have surely noticed the empty spot in the freezer where the once beloved Texas ice cream used to call home.

And while you may be getting used to seeing the empty spot don’t get to comfortable with that yummy private label store brand just yet. Blue bell is coming back and will be cleaner than ever, with tons of precautions taken the famous creamery will be making a come back with 10 flavors and half gallons as they reintroduce themselves to the public.

On July 22, 2015 Blue Bell Ice Cream posted the following message on their Facebook and twitter page:
“Exciting news from our Sylacauga, Alabama, facility! Today our machines cranked up and we began evaluating our enhanced production processes. Each day we’re getting closer to bringing Blue Bell back!”
So while we wait let us hope that atlas Blue Bell Ice Cream will be back in time for the Christmas Holiday!
blue bell christmas

Learn How To Cook Spaghetti Squash Step By Step In Pictures

Learn how to cook Spaghetti Squash very easy with only a pan or pot and a little bit of water step-by-step the following the simple pictures and the Instagram video for instruction.

Have you tried to cook a squash and ended up with an inedible plate? You do not need any special skills or talent to cook this veggie! The good news is the list of supplies and ingredients you will need is short and the actual stove top simmer time is not that long either, so you can complete this dish fairly fast and with ease.spaghetti squash

What you need:
1 Spaghetti Squash
1 Pot or Large Sauce Pan
1 Chefs knife
1 fork


squash cut half1. Size, and sometimes shape can vary greatly from squash to squash but the very first step to cooking this vegetable is to cut it length wise. This is the hardest part of the entire process and should be done with care and caution.

2. Scoop out the seeds and stringy loose flesh from the inside of the gourd and discard or reuse.
squash half

3. Add water to pot or pan, just enough to cover about 1 inch of the squash when placed face down in the water.


pot with water4. Place face down in pan and allow to simmer (without letting all the water dry up) for about 10 minutes. Check periodically by flipping the squash over to expose the inside flesh and poke with a fork. You will know the veggie is done, or tender, when the fork inserts into the flesh with ease.

how to boil squash5. When both squash halves have been cooked until tender remove and allow to cool off by placing them (rind side) down to allow the heat and some of the moisture to dissipate.

how to use spaghetti squash6. When cool enough to handle (yet still warm -maybe 5-10 minutes of cooling) take a fork and begin scraping out the inside meat of the spaghetti squash into a bowl. Scrap both halves until all of the useable meat is ready and in the bowl.

See this Instagram Video for How to Scrap out the inside of the squash.

A video posted by Fattcrab (@fattcrab) on

The dish is now ready to be used for your favorite recipe! Of you can eat it just like this! Enjoy!

where can you buy bean boozled

We get enough emails about bean boozled that we have decided to create an faq that will help answers some of the most common questions including the most asked, “where can you buy bean boozled.” Bean boozled has a cult following and has grown and developed into something that people love to talk about, especially among Harry Potter fans.

So let us get right into answering sine of your questions.

“What is bean boozled?” Well, simply put, they are jelly beans! But my friends they are not just your ordinary run of the mill beans they are, let’s say flavorful, exotic, crazy tasting beans!

“How many varieties are there and what are the flavors?”
There are 20 different flavors that you will find listed below, although there are an additional 10 color choices.

berry blue
Caramel Corn
chocolate pudding
juicy peat
tutti fruity
Buttered popcorn
Lawn clippings
moldy cheese
Canned dog food
baby wipes
stinky socks
skunk spray
rotten egg

“Where can I buy bean boozled jelly beans? ”

Your safest best and perhaps must reliable supply for the jelly beans is on the jelly belly official website. However, if you just cannot wait to get your hands on these an search on Amazon turns up a selection and with two day shipping you can have them at your door and in your mouth in no time at all. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans 3.5 oz with Spinner Wheel Game, 3rd Edition You might also have luck at your local target or walmart just take a look next time you are doing some shopping.

Don’t forget all the rage with the jelly belly and part of the fun are the hilarious challenges that are uploaded on YouTube, so you should definitely think about throwing your video into the pool of bean boozled challenges!

Why is my poop green?

There are various reasons why you poop or stool is green, the most important thing to understand is that only a medical doctor can properly diagnose your condition as there is no substitute for a professional opinion. I will try to explain the most common reason why when you went to the bathroom you noticed your poop was green, I will also like to share how to keep track of when it might happen again. This is a slightley different topic from what we normally talk about but since we are eating all of this food we might as well address a few problems and questions that come our way.

Important note: Symptoms

Remember, if you are in pain or if you feel sick and it had lasted more than a few days you should make an appointment with a dr to get properly diagnosed. If you are not feeling any discomfort and have just noticed a green stool today than you can probably relax a little bit wait a few days and you should be fine.

I noticed my poop is green! What do I do?!

First of all just relax and take a moment to think about what you have had in your diet lately, what have you eaten the past few days? The most common reason for your discoloration or, ahem, coloration of the poop is something you consumed over the last few days. Why in the last few days? Typically it takes anywhere from 2-3 days for most foods to digest properly in your stomach and pass through to the toilet.

What caused the coloration in the toilet?

More than likely the common culprit are green vegetables or food coloring, for instance the last time i noticed a green stool it was the day after a birthday party and thinking back to the party I remember eating a birthday cake that was covered in blue green frosting. Boy oh boy that frosting tasted great that day but the next day I was super shocked to see my poop so green! I kinda freaked out a bit before I knew that food coloring could change the color from normal brown to green. The same thing can happen to you, just try to remember if you had a drink or some food that was colored, possibly from some sort of special event you went to and ate a lot of food. The same thing is possible if you eat a lot of green vegetables, the vegetable can turn your stool a foreign color. However do note that this should not last more than 3-4 days.

Emergency freeze dried foods

A quick search on the internet for freeze dried foods will quickly reveal a long list of emergency preparedness sites. These sites will share with you some of the freeze dried food offerings geared towards preparing and storing food for emergencies. But you do not have to necessarily store this type of food for those rare occasions but rather make your life a bit more convenient with the magic of freeze dried foods.

This is a list of some of the particular entrees that you can find online and will have a storage life that is longer than most of the products in your refrigerator, in fact most of the products have YEARS of shelf life!

Partial list of prepared freeze dried meals available online:

Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stew
Chicken Teriyaki
Vegetable Rotini
Chicken salad
Chicken a la king
Chicken alfredo