where can you buy bean boozled

We get enough emails about bean boozled that we have decided to create an faq that will help answers some of the most common questions including the most asked, “where can you buy bean boozled.” Bean boozled has a cult following and has grown and developed into something that people love to talk about, especially among Harry Potter fans.

So let us get right into answering sine of your questions.

“What is bean boozled?” Well, simply put, they are jelly beans! But my friends they are not just your ordinary run of the mill beans they are, let’s say flavorful, exotic, crazy tasting beans!

“How many varieties are there and what are the flavors?”
There are 20 different flavors that you will find listed below, although there are an additional 10 color choices.

berry blue
Caramel Corn
chocolate pudding
juicy peat
tutti fruity
Buttered popcorn
Lawn clippings
moldy cheese
Canned dog food
baby wipes
stinky socks
skunk spray
rotten egg

“Where can I buy bean boozled jelly beans? ”

Your safest best and perhaps must reliable supply for the jelly beans is on the jelly belly official website. However, if you just cannot wait to get your hands on these an search on Amazon turns up a selection and with two day shipping you can have them at your door and in your mouth in no time at all. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans 3.5 oz with Spinner Wheel Game, 3rd Edition You might also have luck at your local target or walmart just take a look next time you are doing some shopping.

Don’t forget all the rage with the jelly belly and part of the fun are the hilarious challenges that are uploaded on YouTube, so you should definitely think about throwing your video into the pool of bean boozled challenges!

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