When is Blue Bell coming back?

The Blue Bell ice cream brand is still not available in stores but it is expected to coming very soon! If you have been to your local grocery store shopping for ice cream you have surely noticed the empty spot in the freezer where the once beloved Texas ice cream used to call home.

And while you may be getting used to seeing the empty spot don’t get to comfortable with that yummy private label store brand just yet. Blue bell is coming back and will be cleaner than ever, with tons of precautions taken the famous creamery will be making a come back with 10 flavors and half gallons as they reintroduce themselves to the public.

On July 22, 2015 Blue Bell Ice Cream posted the following message on their Facebook and twitter page:
“Exciting news from our Sylacauga, Alabama, facility! Today our machines cranked up and we began evaluating our enhanced production processes. Each day we’re getting closer to bringing Blue Bell back!”
So while we wait let us hope that atlas Blue Bell Ice Cream will be back in time for the Christmas Holiday!
blue bell christmas

Who makes champagne flavored candy?

If you thought that noone made candy flavored like alcohol (specifically flavored like champagne) then you’re wrong! As it turns out, candy makers are trying to add new and exciting flavors to entice people to try their sugary sweets, and champagne is making the list in more than just one or two popular candies!

So, what kind of candy comes flavored in champagne? You can find champagne-flavored candy in the following:

1.  Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – The makers of gourmet jelly beans have a fun flavor that they want you to try – “Champagne Bubbles”!  Jelly Belly confirms that there is no alcohol in these Jelly Beans, but that it does taste like champagne.  People that have tried the jelly beans say that it has a sweet pleasant flavor reminiscent of the alcoholic treat it’s named after.  It is a popular jelly bean to have during the holidays or to give as wedding favors.

2.  Champagne Flavored Gummy Bears – You can find at least one gourmet candy shop that sells beautiful pastel-colored gummy bears which are said to have the delicate flavor of French Champagne – there are two choices to choose from including Brut and Rose.

3.  Gumdrops – Another popular candy that comes in champagne flavor are gumdrops!  There are various online boutiques that sell this treat, giving you multiple choices!

4. Truffles – I wouldn’t necessarily consider truffles a “candy” 😉 however for those who do, you can find champagne flavored truffles – a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occassion! Williams Sonoma sells a good choice which mixes the flavors of cocoa with champagne cognac in a rich chocolaty ganache.

5. Lollipops – There are a number of small boutique shops online where you can find champagne-flavored lollipops, which are considered a “gourmet treat” – most of them are on Etsy, however you the Melville Candy Company does sell some as well.


Best 10 Gatorade Flavors List

The Best 10 Gatorade Flavors List below contains seventeen of the most popular flavored sport drinks offered at your local market. Most of the variety in flavor is dominated by fruit infused creations such as Rain Berry and Fruit Punch. However there are tastes to suite all tongues in the US and abroad those flavors include some of the more tropical mixtures including Mango Extremo and Lemon Lime two of the most thirst quenching flavors offered.

Did you know that 46% of the worlds sport drink market is dominated by the popular sport drink Gatorade. a complete list of Gatorade offerings is listed below:

Rain Berry
Lime Cucumber
Lemon Lime
Fruit Punch
Cool Blue
Mango Extremo
Citrus Cooler
X-Factor Fruit Punch and Berry
Strawberry Watermelon
Watermelon Citrus
Rain Strawberry Kiwi
Rain Lime
Rain Berry

Flavors of Dallas 2015

On June 24, 2015, professional local chefs will be preparing exquisite meals for guests tableside in the “Flavors of Dallas” 2015 event.

2015 is the second year for the Flavors of Dallas, an event which benefits the American Liver Foundation.  While the event is intended to be fun and includes a program, dinner, and live auction – the main event focuses on the culinary skills of local chefs as they make dinner for you!

What it is:  Flavors of Dallas is an evening where local chefs will prepare a multi-course dinner for guests tableside. Guests arrive dressed up in cocktail and business attire to enjoy an evening of eating!

What happens during Flavors of Dallas:  When you arrive, there will a reception where you can mingle and chat with other guests while sampling on hors d’oeuvres.  Next, you’ll sit down to a meal prepared by one of the local chefs (see chef lineup below to see who will be preparing your food).  Each table will include 12 guests and is assigned one specific chef who prepares the meals tableside for that specific table – chefs are assigned to tables randomly prior to the event.  The food will be paired with matching and appropriate wines to get the perfect compliment for the culinary experience!  There will also be a live auction during the evening.

Chef lineup:  The 2015 lineup of chefs includes: Chef Donald Chalko (from Omni Dallas Hotel), Chef David C. Smith (from teh Westin Galleria Dallas), Chef Anthony Van Camp (From Ser Steak & Spirits), Chef Maurizia Senturk (from Nonna Knows Catering), Chef Hermann Heiymeyer (from the Hyatt Regency Dallas), Chef Azja Freeman (from Chef Freeman Events & Private Dining), and Chef Joseph Hoffmaster (from Dakota’s Steakhouse).

When & Where:
Hyat Regency Dallas
300 Reunion Blvd
Dallas, Tx 7520

Date & Time:
June 24, 2015
6:30pm – 10:00pm
(Reception and silent auction start at 6:30, while the dinner and live auction start at 7:30).

Tickets / Price
Tickets can be purchased online. 2015 ticket prices are not yet available, although the Flavors of Dallas 2014 ticket price was $450 per person – this should give you an idea of what to expect.

Flavors of Dallas benefits the American Liver Foundation.

Most bold flavor k cup

Top 3 of the Most bold flavor k cup on the market are found on the list below. Whether you are looking for an afternoon pick me up or a good morning wake me up you are sure to find in the fantastic flavors of the dark roasted coffees below.

bold coffee kcup flavor french roast1st place: Described as the boldest and darkest of all of their coffee, Starbucks French Roast K-Cup, takes number 1 spot for coffee pod drinkers looking for the extra extra bold flavors and aromas. Insert 1 of these non reusable pods into your Keurig for your morning burst of caffeine energy!

2nd place: There is no doubt that Keurig brand makes a tasty coffee makers, but what about coffee? Well, you are in luck the huge coffee brand has teamed up with Tully’s to make a sensational deep French Roast Extra Bold Coffee that is sure to find its dark roast roots into your heart.

3rd place: So you are not too fond of the major Starbucks brand bold k cups flavor coffeecoffee and you still are looking for something a little better than same old pods day in and day our well taking our third place spot is Community coffee. Community coffee has declared French Roast 2.0 k cup as their boldest and darkest roast to date bringing home all those deep rich aromas that the most bold cup of coffee should bring to your morning!