Tic Tac Flavors

Who doesn’t like Tic-Tacs? These little candies have been freshening our breaths since 1969! They are always handy and ready to freshen your breath at a moments notice! Most of us associate Tic Tacs with a minty flavor, but did you know that Tic-Tacs come in a variety of flavors?  When you buy a box of the mints, the different colors represent different flavors!

Below is a list of the flavors of Tic Tacs available along with their corresponding color. It’s also interesting to note that there are other flavors besides what’s listed below available in other contries – for example, in India Tic Tacs also come in “Mintensity”, “Peach and Passion”, and “Elaichi” flavors!

Here are the Tic Tac flavors available in the United States:

Color: White
Flavor: Freshmint
The White Tic Tac is the flavor most people are familiar with – freshmint. It’s the flavor you reach for to freshen your breath with icy coolness!

Color: Orange
Flavor: Orange
Orange Tic Tacs taste like fruity orange!

Color: Blue
Flavor: Powermint
If you grab one of the blue candies, you are not picking blueberry – blue tic tacs are powermints! They are even mintier and fresher tasting than the fresmint (white) tic tacs. Pick this flavor to cover any other smelly foods you may have eaten! 😉

Color: Red
Flavor: Wild Cherry or Cinnamon Spice
There are 2 varieties of red tic tacs – one is a sweet cherry flavor, while the other is a tangier cinnamon spice choice. Read the package carefully to make sure you choose the right one!

Color: Green
Flavor: Wintergreen
Green tic tacs are another minty fresh choice (though certainly not as concentrated as the blue powermint candies).

Color: Pink (Light and Dark)
Flavor: Strawberry Fields
The Strawberry Fields come with light pink and dark pink candies that taste like sweet and tart strawberries.

Color: Multi-colored (orange, green, red, yellow)
Flavor: Assorted Fruit Flavors
This choice is for those who cannot decide what type of Tic Tacs they want – there is an assortment of fruit flavors in this selection, hence the name, Fruit Adventure!

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