shaved ice flavors

Going out on a hot summer day will hit the spot. But what type of flavors from shaved ice can you expect? Not all locations will have them all, but here is definitely a list of shaved ice flavors that DO exist! It’s just a matter of finding a location that has you favorite icy flavor.

Macadamia Nut

Mai Tai

Mandarin Orange


Maple Walnut







Orange Pineapple


Passion Fruit



Pina Colada


Pink Champagne

Pink Lemon Sour


Popeye (Tropical Punch, Peach)


Red Raspberry

Rock & Roll (Red Raspberry, Fruit Punch)

Root Beer


Rum Butter

Sno Cream

Sour Grape


Strawberry Fresh



Hot Cinnamon

Tuiti Fruitti


Wild Cherry





Black Berry

Black Cherry

Black Raspberry

Blue Raspberry



Bubblegum Blue

Bubblegum Pink




Cherry Cola


Chocolate Mint




Cotton Candy


Cream Soda


English Toffee

French Vanilla


Green Apple



Hawaiian Punch



Irish Cream



Lemon Lime

Shaved ice: aka “icy” or “snowy.”

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