Yoplait Yogurt Go-gurt Flavors

Yoplait Go-gurt flavors!  Go-gurt is a kind of yogurt that is portable – it is yogurt in a tube!  You are supposed to squeeze the tube to get the yogurt out, it’s specifically targeted for kids.  Go-gurt comes in a selection of flavors meant to appeal to kids, and some of the flavors do have pretty cool names. Here’s a list of the flavors of Yoplait Gogurt:

  • Banana Split / Strawberry Milkshake
  • Cool Cotton Candy / Burstin’ Melon Berry
  • Strawberry Kiwi-Kick / Chill-Out Cherry
  • Rad Raspberry / Paradise Punch
  • Strawberry Splash / Berry Blue Blast
  • Ro-Gurt Special Edition: Shaggy’s Like Cool Punch & Rawberry
  • SpongeBob Special Edition: Strawberry Riptide & Bikini Bottom Berry

4 thoughts on “Yoplait Yogurt Go-gurt Flavors”

  1. My favorite flavor is the Cool Cotton Candy / Burstin’ Melon Berry. They are one of the best! The Kiwi is pretty good though too. I like all of them and I freeze them for my kids in the summer and they eat them out by the pool to cool down! They freeze well!

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