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Flavor del mar


The Flavor del mar is the “Flavor of the Sea.”

The flavor of the sea, or ocean, obviously comes in many different varieties. From shell fish to fish to scallops you can find it all in the ocean!

Some of the best flavors of fish can be found in the fresh salty ocean. However, what are some ways to cook the fish so that you can get the best flavors from the fish?

Different ways to cook your fish

  1. Poach the fish
  2. Grill the fish
  3. Broil the fish
  4. Steam the fish
  5. Bake the fish

Be sure to salt and season your seafood so that you do not have to eat a bland dish and a proper cooking tempertaure is always necessary. Also don’t forget to get the best flavor del mar it should be fresh and ready to be cooked within a reasonable amount of time out of the ocean.

Inn n out Burger Shake flavors

IN-N-Out Burger is famous in certain parts of the country for serving up some fast food. But did you know that they sell more than just burgers? They have “ice cream” shakes too!

Here is the list of flavors from the burger joint! inn and out burgers

Ice cream Shake Flavor list:
100% Ice cream
Diet Coke
Dr. Pepper
Root Beer
Tea Coffee

Next time you are headed out for a quick bite to eat grab a shake too!

Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors

It is summer time! And hot summer weather means it is time to go to the local ice cream parlor and get yourself and your friends a scoop of the sweet dessert.Ice cream cone

Baskin Robbins is famous for serving ice cream and there are many locations that you can choose, but what flavors of ice cream does the store offer?

Well, here is the long list of the different varieties of the treat that they offer in their “Classic Flavors” category:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Old Fashioned Butter Pecan
Chocolate Chip
Pralines ’n Cream
Very Berry Strawberry
Mint Chocolate Chip
Rocky Road
Peanut Butter ’n Chocolate
Pistachio Almond
Gold Medal Ribbon®
Strawberry Cheesecake
Icing on the Cake® Ice Cream
World Class® Chocolate
Cherries Jubilee
Nutty Coconut
Rainbow Sherbet
Made with Snickers®
Daiquiri Ice
Oreo® Cookies ’n Cream
Jamoca® Almond Fudge
Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup

So little time so much to choose from, don’t forget to taste something new this summer!

Klondike Ice Cream Bars Flavors

The classic Ice Cream, Klondike, has a big cult following! However I think peopleKlondike Ice Cream Bar would be surprised how many have actually never even tasted a Klondike! Did you know that the product comes in a variety of flavors and textures and not just the Original bar that most followers have tasted?

That’s right! You can find the Ice Cream bar in the following flavors:  Original, Krunch, Dark Chocolate, Double Chocolate, and Heath.

Like most producers these days they try to make a variety of flavors to try to lure the consumer into buying the item. This particular bar can also be found in a “no sugar added” fashion. Enjoy!

krispy kreme doughnut flavors

This is the current list of “Variety” flavored doughnuts offered by the Krispy Kreme shop. The are so many different flavors to choose from, certainly enough of a selection to get a different one for each member of the family or for each co-worker. Tell us what you think and which flavors you have tasted!krispy kreme doughnuts box

  • Original Glazed
  • Glazed Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Iced Glazed
  • Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Chocolate Iced Custard Filled
  • Glazed Raspberry Filled
  • Glazed Lemon Filled
  • Glazed Cruller
  • Maple Iced Glazed
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Cinnamon Twist
  • Cinnamon Apple Filled
  • Glazed Kreme Filled
  • Powdered Strawberry Filled
  • Traditional Cake
  • Chocolate Iced Cake
  • Chocolate Iced Glazed Cruller
  • Powdered Cake
  • Glazed Chocolate Cake
  • Glazed Blueberry
  • Glazed Sour Cream
  • Apple Fritter
  • New York Cheesecake
  • Caramel Kreme Crunch