Flavor del mar


The Flavor del mar is the “Flavor of the Sea.”

The flavor of the sea, or ocean, obviously comes in many different varieties. From shell fish to fish to scallops you can find it all in the ocean!

Some of the best flavors of fish can be found in the fresh salty ocean. However, what are some ways to cook the fish so that you can get the best flavors from the fish?

Different ways to cook your fish

  1. Poach the fish
  2. Grill the fish
  3. Broil the fish
  4. Steam the fish
  5. Bake the fish

Be sure to salt and season your seafood so that you do not have to eat a bland dish and a proper cooking tempertaure is always necessary. Also don’t forget to get the best flavor del mar it should be fresh and ready to be cooked within a reasonable amount of time out of the ocean.

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