Anise Cookies – Anise Extract and Anise Seeds

Anise cookies are especially good for those people who like the flavor of licorice or licorice flavored pastries since it is made with anise seed or anise extract which both smells and tastes like licorice. (Anise seed is a seed related to caraway, dill, and fennel, and is popular in European cooking, in particular with fish and shellfish cooking to give the food a Mediterranean flavor. Look in the spice section of the supermarket for a bottle.) Anise cookies are a great choice for the holidays because of the sweet licorice advised though that the taste is bold, and not subtle. If you’re looking for recipes for how to make anise cookies – here’s a good Anise Cookie Recipe for those looking to use their anise extract or anise seeds in a tasty dish. Here’s another good recipe for Italian Anise Cookies. Finally, here’s another recipe for Sour Cream Anise Cookies. So licorice lovers pull out your anise extract and get cooking!

p.s. For more info on anise, check out my post on Anise Flavored Liquer.

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