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Anise Cookies – Anise Extract and Anise Seeds

Anise cookies are especially good for those people who like the flavor of licorice or licorice flavored pastries since it is made with anise seed or anise extract which both smells and tastes like licorice. (Anise seed is a seed related to caraway, dill, and fennel, and is popular in European cooking, in particular with fish and shellfish cooking to give the food a Mediterranean flavor. Look in the spice section of the supermarket for a bottle.) Anise cookies are a great choice for the holidays because of the sweet licorice flavor..be advised though that the taste is bold, and not subtle. If you’re looking for recipes for how to make anise cookies – here’s a good Anise Cookie Recipe for those looking to use their anise extract or anise seeds in a tasty dish. Here’s another good recipe for Italian Anise Cookies. Finally, here’s another recipe for Sour Cream Anise Cookies. So licorice lovers pull out your anise extract and get cooking!

p.s. For more info on anise, check out my post on Anise Flavored Liquer.

White chocolate, popcorn, mocha, cake, chips, peppermint

Today’s flavor is white chocolate.  White chocolate is a popular variation of the classic flavor chocolate.  White chocolate flavor has been described as tasting like chocolate but with a milky and smoother flavor. The ingredients for white chocolate include sugar, cocoa butter (the fat from cocoa beans), milk solids, lecithin, sugar, and vanilla.  One notable difference between chocolate and white chocolate is that white chocolate does not contain chocolate liquor or cocoa solids.  Because it does not have any cocoa solids, white chocolate (unlike regular chocolate) does not have any caffeine.  White chocolate should not be confused with milk chocolate. (Milk chocolate actually IS chocolate, and contains sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, milk, and vanilla.)  Milk chocolate appears as a brown color like chocolate, while white chocolate appears as white.White chocolate is incredibly popular, and many people that do not care for regular chocolate like white chocolate as the flavor is quite different.  Flavorings of white chocolate include white chocolate pepperment bark which is popular around Christmas.  White chocolate fudge is a popular dessert and is described as being creamy, rich, and very sweet – you can find recipes easy online.  White chocolate cheesecake is popular in the supermarkets – a very dense and decadent dessert.  You’ll never find white chocolate popcorn in a movie theater, however if you find a gourmet popcorn bag, you might find this flavor.  Other items which have been flavored successfully with white chocolate include white chocolate mocha (to drink), white chocolate cookies (you can add white chocolate chips to make them), white chocolate pretzels (very popular and easy to find), white chocolate syrup, white chocolate icing, white chocolate liquer, white chocolate m&ms (yes, they exist), and the list goes on and on.White chocolate – great flavor!!