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Almond Milk Nutrition

Almond Milk: Is almond milk as healthy for you as eating a handful of un toasted almonds? The great thing about almond milk is that the drink does not contain any lactose! You might be asking, “Why is this a good thing,” del it is great for people who have an allergy to lactose and cannot drink traditional milk. Almond milk has essential vitamins without any of the cholesterol of some of the alternatives. For example, if you are looking for the added health benefits of this drink you can look no further that to the brand Blue Diamond. his particular company manufactures this drink and advertises that a serving size of one cup will generally contain 60 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, however, they also note on the nutritional label that you will get 10% Vitamin A, 45% Vitamin C, and 45% of the calcium rated on a percentage of daily values. (Please visit the Blue Diamond website for accurate and up to date information on the nutritional value of their product).

Most people claim they prefer to drink almond milk after having tasted it! In fact, you can use it similar to the way you would use traditional milk from putting it in your coffee to using it for cereal you are sure to find the thirst quencher an interesting change of pace. However, be sure that you have made an informed decision if you are replacing you milk consumption with the almond milk.

Stash Tea Flavor List

The Oregon based Stash Tea Company has been around since the 1970’s. Their belief in providing “top quality products” combined with “providing excellent value and competitive prices” has made the company one of the best tea and most trusted tea manufacturers in the United States. Their products range from green teas to black teas and beyond; you can find ceremonial Matcha tea and loose tea leaves too! Below is a partial list of flavors offered by the Stash Tea Company, some of the flavors are produced individually while other are mixed with a complimentary flavor to enhance the tea drinkers enjoyment and the taste of the drink. For example, the lemon tea is also offered in combination with ginger producing a Lemon-Ginger flavor!

Chailemon ginger tea Berry
Pumpkin Spice
Earl Grey Black Tea
Red Tea

Tips for making a perfect cup of tea

Most tea connoisseurs will let you know if a cup of tea is not brewed properly, but what if you are not one of them? What can you do to pour a better stating cup of tea? Here are some tips!

  • Do not over-boil the water: most teas have an optimal temperature that the water should be boiled to… and not any hotter than that!
  • Do not over-steep! Generally tea bags should not steep in the water for any longer than 3 minutes…. Why? The longer it steeps the more bitter it could become, trial and error will help you define the proper method of putting the tea bag in the water.

Snapple Flavors

Snapple is a popular brand of ice tea and juice drinks that come in a variety of flavors.  It has been around since 1972 but has become very popular in recent years.  There is one discontinued Snapple flavor which is the Snapple Orange Ice Tea Flavor.

Snapple Tea flavors include:  Very Cherry, Lemon, Lime Green, Mint, Raspberry, Peach, Just Plain Unsweetened, and Kiwi Teawi.  The Snapple Juice Flavors include:  Fruit Punch, Grapeade, Kiwi Strawberry, Apple Pie, What-A-Melon, Out-Red-Geous Orange, Go Bananas, Raspberry Peach, Summer Peach, Orangeade, Mango Madness, Cranberry Raspberry, Snapricot Orange, and Snapple Apple.

There are also a variety of Diet Snapples and Lemonade Flavors.

Frozen fruit Smoothies Recipes and Flavors

Frozen fruit smoothies recipes here for your review right in time for summer!  The fruit is the main ingredient of the fruit smoothie – and because of this, smoothies come in as many flavors as there are fruits.

In order to change it up a little bit for summer, try this twist on your fruit smoothie: make it frozen!  A frozen fruit smoothie is  ideal for summer, and you can make it in a variety of refreshingly cool summer flavors…you might try the frozen Key Lime Smoothie  (key limes of course being the main ingredient), or how about a frozen banana-strawberry fruit smoothie?!  Or what about a frozen melon fruit smoothie?  Just the sound of these smothies is enough to cool you off!

Here’s a great recipe for a frozen fruit smoothie:

buy a bag of frozen mixed fruit (I like to buy mine in bulk from Sam’s – it gives enough fruit to make smoothies for an entire month!)  Add about 2.5 cups of frozen fruit, about 1 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of apple juice or orange juice, then sweeten the whole mixture with honey! Mix it in a blender until it’s all blended together the consistency of a thick shake.

It makes a delicious and refreshing drink – and not only are fruit smoothies flavorful and refreshing but they are also very healthY! Try it and make this fruit drink the flavor of your summer!