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Chai Tea flavors list

Over the years Chai Tea has become an increasingly popular drink of choice for Americans seeking an alternative to coffee. Even though there are only few drawbacks from drinking coffee, for example- bad breath and stained teeth – people are always on the search for something that can be just a little bit better overall.

This is where Chai Tea comes in… a daily drinker for the people of the country of India Chai has made huge strides in its presence in the US beverage department. Tea companies throughout have embraced what has become a huge movement in the tea community to bring the latest and greatest “mixes” and “blends” of classic teas from around the world.

What is chai tea?
Typically it is a black tea mixed with spices and served with milk and a sweetener.

Here is a list of Chai tea flavors currently available on the market:
Double Pice Black
Decaf Chai
Chai Spice
Black and Green
Green Chai
Chai white tea
Chai red

Stash Tea Flavor List

The Oregon based Stash Tea Company has been around since the 1970’s. Their belief in providing “top quality products” combined with “providing excellent value and competitive prices” has made the company one of the best tea and most trusted tea manufacturers in the United States. Their products range from green teas to black teas and beyond; you can find ceremonial Matcha tea and loose tea leaves too! Below is a partial list of flavors offered by the Stash Tea Company, some of the flavors are produced individually while other are mixed with a complimentary flavor to enhance the tea drinkers enjoyment and the taste of the drink. For example, the lemon tea is also offered in combination with ginger producing a Lemon-Ginger flavor!

Chailemon ginger tea Berry
Pumpkin Spice
Earl Grey Black Tea
Red Tea

Tips for making a perfect cup of tea

Most tea connoisseurs will let you know if a cup of tea is not brewed properly, but what if you are not one of them? What can you do to pour a better stating cup of tea? Here are some tips!

  • Do not over-boil the water: most teas have an optimal temperature that the water should be boiled to… and not any hotter than that!
  • Do not over-steep! Generally tea bags should not steep in the water for any longer than 3 minutes…. Why? The longer it steeps the more bitter it could become, trial and error will help you define the proper method of putting the tea bag in the water.

Stevia Zevia Soda Flavors

Stevia is an all natural sweetener that is gaining more and more attention from people who are looking for a substitute for sugar. Although stevia has been around for hundreds of years and as a plant for thousands the recognition is just now gaining significant traction for consumers and for different industries. Coke manufactures are constantly looking for new flavors to add to their list and when they se that one particular product is gaining momentum is is likely that they will make use of the publicity and push for an alternative all natural sweetener to coke. In comes Zevia, the all naturally sweetened coke, what is it sweetened with? Well with Stevia of course! Below is a list of the coke producers flavors that contain stevia as the sweetener.
Stevia Zevia branded coke flavors list:

Black Cherry
Ginger Ale
Ginger Root Beer
Caffeine Free Cola
Grapefruit Citrus
Lemon Lime Twist
Mountain Zevia
Cream Soda
Dr. Zevia

Some claim that this product could indeed be healthier for you than regular coke and might be a better alternative for a healthier lifestyle because it uses stevia as one of the ingredients.


Mint is often used in cooking and in the kitchen for it’s aroma, mint is considered an herb! Many products are sold using mint flavoring or extracts, including and not limited to: Mint ice cream flavors, mint candy flavors, and often time even mint tooth past. The Mint gives the mouth a sense of “freshness” that some people would say gives a “cool” sensation. This freshness sensation of the mint helps it gain popularity in toothpastes and in mouthwashes.

“mint 1 |mint|
1 an aromatic plant native to temperate regions of the Old World, several kinds of which are used as culinary herbs. • Genus Mentha, family Labiatae (or Lamiaceae; the mint family): several species and hybrids, in particular the widely cultivated common mint or spearmint ( M. spicata) and peppermint ( M. × piperita). The mint family, the members of which have distinctive two-lobed flowers and square stems, includes numerous aromatic herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, sage, and thyme.
• the flavor of mint, esp. peppermint.
2 a peppermint candy”
Ref: Oxford American Dictionary


Picture of peppermint: Robert H. Mohlenbrock @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database / USDA NRCS. 1995. Northeast wetland flora: Field office guide to plant species. Northeast National Technical Center, Chester.

But Mint flavoring is not limited to toiletry items, in fact mint is often used in cooking, baking, and in ingredients for drinks. This includes the popular drink the Mint Julep that is a southern traditional drink. One of the main ingredients in this drink aside from the bourbon is the Mint! Another very popular mint flavor food item is ice cream! Ice cream commonly uses the mint extract to infuse the flavor into the cream which give the cream a unique cool and fresh flavor…