Chai Tea flavors list

Over the years Chai Tea has become an increasingly popular drink of choice for Americans seeking an alternative to coffee. Even though there are only few drawbacks from drinking coffee, for example- bad breath and stained teeth – people are always on the search for something that can be just a little bit better overall.

This is where Chai Tea comes in… a daily drinker for the people of the country of India Chai has made huge strides in its presence in the US beverage department. Tea companies throughout have embraced what has become a huge movement in the tea community to bring the latest and greatest “mixes” and “blends” of classic teas from around the world.

What is chai tea?
Typically it is a black tea mixed with spices and served with milk and a sweetener.

Here is a list of Chai tea flavors currently available on the market:
Double Pice Black
Decaf Chai
Chai Spice
Black and Green
Green Chai
Chai white tea
Chai red

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