K Cup Flavor List

coffee-kcupOne of the newest trends on the coffee market are K Cups – K Cups are individual serving sizes of coffee. One of the things that makes these treats so special is that they come in every flavor imaginable! How they do this is by using all different coffee brands – whether or not you prefer Starbucks, Newman’s Own, Coffee People, or Green Mountain Coffee, chances are you’ll find it in the K-Cup as they carry all these brands! By carrying all these brands, you guessed it, they have plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to making a morning wake-up drinking decision!

Gone are the days of standard boring coffee – your taste buds have a choice of many different tastes – in fact, with a selection of over 200 flavors you won’t get tired!

Here is a list of some of the varieties of K Cups available to you on the market:

Black Tiger Extra Bold Coffee
Donut House Decaf Coffee
Our Blend Coffee
French Vanilla Coffee
Jamaica Me Crazy Coffee
French Roast Extra Bold Coffee
Big Easy Bold Coffee
Breakfast in Bed Coffee
Butter Toffee Coffee
Hazelnut Coffee
Dark Magic Decaf Extra Bold Coffee
Double Black Diamond Extra Bold Coffee
WIld Mountain Blueberry Coffee
Original Donut Blend Coffee
Breakfast Blend Coffee
Italian Roast Extra Bold Coffee
Vermont Country Blend Coffee
Chai Latte Speciality
Island Cocoa Coffee
Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee
Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee
Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee
The Original Donut Shop Extra Blend Coffee
Breakfast Blend Coffee
Dark Magic Extra Bold Coffee
Nantucket Blend Coffee
Newman’s Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee
Columbian Fair Trade Select Coffee
Caribou Blend Coffee
Donut House Coffee
Half Caff Coffee
Daybreak Morning Blend Coffee
French Roast Coffee
Colombian Decaf Coffee
Kahlua Original Coffee
Sumatra Coffee
The Original Donut Shop Decaf Extra Bold Coffee
Pike Place Roast Coffee
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee
Foglifter Coffee
Italian Roast Coffee
French Roast Decaf Extra Bold Coffee
Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee
German Chocolate Cake Coffee
Southern Pecan Coffee
English Breakfast Black Tea
Cinnamon Pastry Coffee
Cafe Mocha Specialty
Jet Fuel Extra Bold Coffee

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