ice cream flavors

Weird Ice Cream Flavors

ice cream flavorsHow weird do ice cream flavors get? Well, pretty weird! Below is a list of some of the weirdest flavors of ice cream from around the world!

This year Friendly’s is offering a weird blend that even adults might like to try! Pizza ice cream! What does ice cream pizza taste like? Well, imagine vanilla ice cream with a brownie topping crust! That is not all though! Add in some fudge, chocolate chips, and sprinkles to complete the “pizza ice cream” A delight sure to please the entire family’s tummy!

George’s Portobello Fish Bar served up a version of the popular dish from across the pond, Fish and Chip flavored Ice cream.

Ice Cream Burger — Brrrger:
You heard correctly! Carl’s Jr is testing a burger shaped ice cream dessert in certain stores. The “burger” technically not a traditional burger looks just like the real thing! The buns will be sugar cookies, the patty will be chocolate ice cream, and an assortment of topping colored to look like mustard and ketchup will take the place of the condiments! Enjoy the treat this summer!

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