Pizza toppings

What are some of the most popular or more common pizza toppings? PIzza comes in all flavors and varieties! This is the best part about pizza because the dough is basically a blank canvas for your imagination and taste buds. You can add almost any topping to a pizza and unless you are allergic can never go wrong getting a pepperoni pie.

People love sausage too! You might be surprised to know that if you are making your own pizza it is just a easy to thrown on some sausage as it is to get some pepperoni and lay them on as a topping.

So what are some pizza topping choices that are available at many pizza restaurants? Well you can go for the classic pepperoni pizza or popular sausage of course. Don’t forget the sauce and the cheese which in many cases can come in different varieties. You can throw on the controversial pineapples or anchovies on your pizza. Canadian bacon is always a nice treat and classic breakfast bacon is nice sometimes too. If you are feeling a bit spicy you can load your pizza with jalapenos or bell peppers. Onions are a favorite and artichoke hearts can’t ever be ruled out either.

Pizza toppings come in flavors and varieties and in most situations it is up to what you want on it and or what the pizzeria has in stock as a topping. Have fun and be creative! Pizza is best when you put any topping that you love!

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