gourmet cheese

One of the best snacks ever, plain or on a cracker. Cheese! There is no doubt that almost everyone (non-allergic to dairy) even children love cheese!

Cheese is great, especially the cheese that is not cheese food. Such as American cheese which has it’s own place in our world. Im talking about specialty cheeses or gourmet cheese, the cheese you can slice off and snack on.

If you are looking for a new cheese to snack on especially one of the gourmets kinds look some of these:

Provolone cheese, swiss, mozzarella.

Cheddar cheese, gouda, cocoa cardon (goat cheese w/cocoa powder).

Montforte gorgonzola cheese, smoked cheese (many varieties), emmenthauler.

There are also many cheese that have added ingredients, like spicy cheese! Look for them in your local store.

(Reference: Wisconsin Cheese Masters)

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