Top Super Bowl Flavors

What will you and your family be eating on the biggest game day of the year, Super Bowl?! Probably something sweet, something salty, and something in between!

What are some of the more popular items for Super Bowl Sunday?

Chicken! Chicken wings are always a hit at any Super Bowl party and most people wil love to eat them. The only problem is that if you are having a big Super Bowl party getting enough wings for a party can not only get expensive but a little messy and hard to handle. How do you get all those wings made when you want to watch the game yourself?

Chips! The easiest and one of the cheapest ways to partially fill a Super Bowl belly. Get a half dozen different kinds, throw them in a bowl, and everybody can watch the game with no problems, no interruptions!

Sandwiches! Probably the best companion for chips and a whole lot less messy than a load of chicken wings. Nearly everybody is bound to love a sandwich and just like the chips get a few different varieties and have them all pre made- NO mess, no stress!

Salads! Salads are a classic food and not always related to Superbowl but most food eaters will agree that you can always start with a salad… as long as there is something bigger and better to come along..

Some others snacks and foods that you can get for the big game?
Nuts, Pizza, Pretzels, Sodas, Tea (black or green), and of course beer of some sort if you are of age!

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