Flavored sea salt

Did you know that sea salt is made in a variety of flavors? YOu might not find flavored sea salt at your local grocery store but don’t let that stop you from finding this product!

A company called, Salt Works, includes in their salt manufacturing a variety of salts that come in several different flavors! Included in their flavored line up is: Lime salt, expresso, roasted garlic, lemon twist, spanish rosemary, vanilla bean, and even habanero and jalapeño for the spice in your life! And the flavors produced do not stop with this very short list. For a complete list of the different varieties check out Salt Works.

Make your own flavored salt!

Don’t feel like paying a premium for flavored saw salt that you can easily make yourself? An online search will produce several ways to make your own right from your kitchen without having to dish out the extra cash. There are two popular ways to add the beautiful and tasty additions to your daily food salt. One method is done by grinding up your own ingredients into a fine final product and then mixing in that with sea salt. The second method involves the infusion of the custom flavor into the product, the basic idea is to form a liquid from your own ingredients and infuse that into your own sea salt!

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