Anise Flavored Liqueur

Anise Flavored Liqueur is a type of liqueur which is flavored with anise. Pretty simple, eh?  (A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that has a sweet-tasting flavor…liqueurs are often used to add that extra flavor to an alcoholic drink).  You’ll find the taste sweet, and some people would describe the flavor as tasting licorice-like.  The sweet-flavored beverage should be mixed in a cocktail for best tasting results! Different parts of the country call anise-flavored liqueur different things.  There are varieties known as anisette, ouzo, and sambuca.  Absinthe is one variety made from  a narcotic herb (so not widely sold)- wormwood, which a plant whose leaves include absinthine and anabsinthine, and is sometimes used for indegestion.  A drier-flavored variety of anise liqueur is anis.

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  1. well, you can find all sorts of spices, including anise in the supermarket. Anise in the supermarket will sometimes have a star shape (known as star anise).

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