Vanilla coke

Did you know that the first Coca-Cola was sold in 1886! And it was not until recently in the past ten years the Coca Cola Company began mass production of the Vanilla Coke! With the success of vanilla coke, the coca cola company started offering a diet version, which is equally good. According to the can, vanilla coke has “vanilla flavor and other natural flavors” – meaning it’s imitation vanilla not real vanilla. Imitation vanilla is a by-product of paper making…according to
, chemists from the Ontario Paper Company found they could make synthetic vanilla from one of the by-products which was polluting local streams- sulphite liquor. (Wallah – imitation vanilla!) (Real vanilla is actually very expensive and comes from the vanilla bean; it is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world in its pure form, which is why when you go to the supermarket more often than not you’re buying imitation vanilla, not the pure vanilla). Some drinkers of vanilla coke describe the flavor as tasting like coke, but having a “lingering vanilla flavor” after the sip. Most recently, coke launched Vanilla Coke Zero. Many soft drinks companies are now experimenting with flavored “colas,” this is just the begining…

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  1. I love Blue Belle and I’m so sorry this happened. When will we be able to have some soon I hope.

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