Ham soda -it’s kosher!

Are you ready for ham flavored soda?   It’s hheeeeerre!  (And no, I did not say ham WITH soda, and i also did not say coke-flavored ham or ham cooked with coke,  i said HAM SODA! )  The Seattle-based Jones Soda Co. is offering a Christmas pack of flavored sodas, and among these is ham soda. And yes, it is kosher!  (Thank goodness, right?) This interesting flavor is meant to compliment Christmas because it goes right in with “Christmas Ham” (it’s just a carbonated version!).  The carbonated ham-flavored beverage will be caffeine free, and you might just see it in the supermarket right next to coke, so don’t pick it up accidentally! ha ha ha.  You can pick up the ham-flavored soda as part of the Jones Soda 2007 Holiday Christmas pack.

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