Green Tea and Black Tea Flavors

One of the nice things about tea, is that it can come in almost any flavor you can imagine. Tea comes in all flavors including many herbs, fruits, or spices for example; there is Almond Tea, Amaretto Tea, Apricot Tea, Banana Tea, Blackberry Tea, Blueberry Tea, Caramel Tea, Chai Tea, Chocolate Tea, Lemon Tea, Mint Tea, Orange Tea, Honey Tea, Passion Fruit tea, French Vanilla Tea, and the list goes on and on….

But lets stop talking about the exotic tea flavors, and mention two of the most common tea flavors you’re likely to encounter, they include:

Green Tea – Green tea has it’s roots going back thousands of years, and is often accredited as the world’s first drink containing caffeine. The tea leaves come from a particular plant called the Camellia sinensis which come mostly from China.

Black Tea –┬áTea is the second most commonly drunk drink – second to water – and with all the flavors, you can certainly see why. Black tea is typically associated with Europeans who preferred the darker stronger taste of the tea leaves. In the early years of the tea distribution to Europe of the Black Tea they got came from India and a couple of other countries.

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