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Stash Tea Flavor List

The Oregon based Stash Tea Company has been around since the 1970’s. Their belief in providing “top quality products” combined with “providing excellent value and competitive prices” has made the company one of the best tea and most trusted tea manufacturers in the United States. Their products range from green teas to black teas and beyond; you can find ceremonial Matcha tea and loose tea leaves too! Below is a partial list of flavors offered by the Stash Tea Company, some of the flavors are produced individually while other are mixed with a complimentary flavor to enhance the tea drinkers enjoyment and the taste of the drink. For example, the lemon tea is also offered in combination with ginger producing a Lemon-Ginger flavor!

Chailemon ginger tea Berry
Pumpkin Spice
Earl Grey Black Tea
Red Tea

Tips for making a perfect cup of tea

Most tea connoisseurs will let you know if a cup of tea is not brewed properly, but what if you are not one of them? What can you do to pour a better stating cup of tea? Here are some tips!

  • Do not over-boil the water: most teas have an optimal temperature that the water should be boiled to… and not any hotter than that!
  • Do not over-steep! Generally tea bags should not steep in the water for any longer than 3 minutes…. Why? The longer it steeps the more bitter it could become, trial and error will help you define the proper method of putting the tea bag in the water.


Matcha is a Green Tea that comes in a powdered form, it matchausually comes in smaller amounts of finely ground green tea stored in a small container. The typical serving size of the powder is 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon in 3-4ounces of water, however this can vary. The consistency, flavoring, and foaming after whisking the drink varies depending upon the amount of each ingredient you have added.

matcha powdered formMatcha is most popular in Japan where is is used as a ceremonial tea, there are certain customs and procedures followed during this ceremony most of which should be followed to avoid insulting or disrespecting the ceremony and others.

What does Matcha taste like?
Most would agree that the flavor of this powdered form of the drink is sweeter than that of the popular green tea bags we get in the United States. I agree, the flavor is a bit sweeter but with a more organic taste to it. The drink is also a little bit thicker when made properly and since there is not much water added the serving size is much smaller.