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How do you get the most flavor out of your recipe?

If you ask me the most important thing you can do to get the best flavors into a recipe it comes down to a few things. First, you must have a competent cook! If your cook has no experience or has no idea what different flavors taste like when mixed with others you will find that that recipe will lack in appeal and flavorings. This same cook must know how to and have the ability to follow a recipe and consistently correctly measure and monitor the addition of ingredients into the recipe.

Second the to get the best flavoring out of  your recipe you should always get fresh ingredients. When shopping instead of buying canned vegetables and bottled spices you should try to choose the fresh ingredients by staying away from the prepackaged items. Od f course the price you pay for the fresh ingredients might and probably will be a little more than buying the “dry” ingredients but the payoff in the flavor of the recipe will be greater! And not only will the flavors be enhanced but research indicates that fresh ingredients have more health benefits than prepacked ingredients.

The third and last addition to get the most flavor out of your recipe is to find a good recipe. There are millions of recipes out there and not all are good recipes. It will take some research and probably some experimentation to find out and figure out which of these recipes are accurate and have the best mixing of flavors.

This might not be a guarantee for a recipe of flavor but I can say that this will help you gain ground on creating a dish that has more flavor than you last.


The ingredients in Cheerios vary depending on the flavor you choose. Cheerios offers a wide variety of flavors besides the famous Honey Nut, although the history of Cheerios is very long it is not until recent years that the flavors of Cheerios have been stacking up.

Here is a list of some of the Cheerios produced now straight from the General Mills Cheerios website.

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

Banana Nut Cheerios

Berry Burst Cheerios – Triple Berry


Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch

Cheerios Snack Mix Cheddar

Cheerios Snack Mix Original

Frosted Cheerios

Fruity Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios

Multi Grain Cheerios

Yogurt Burst Cheerios – Strawberry

Yogurt Burst Cheerios – Vanilla

Frozen fruit Smoothies Recipes and Flavors

Frozen fruit smoothies recipes here for your review right in time for summer!  The fruit is the main ingredient of the fruit smoothie – and because of this, smoothies come in as many flavors as there are fruits.

In order to change it up a little bit for summer, try this twist on your fruit smoothie: make it frozen!  A frozen fruit smoothie is  ideal for summer, and you can make it in a variety of refreshingly cool summer flavors…you might try the frozen Key Lime Smoothie  (key limes of course being the main ingredient), or how about a frozen banana-strawberry fruit smoothie?!  Or what about a frozen melon fruit smoothie?  Just the sound of these smothies is enough to cool you off!

Here’s a great recipe for a frozen fruit smoothie:

buy a bag of frozen mixed fruit (I like to buy mine in bulk from Sam’s – it gives enough fruit to make smoothies for an entire month!)  Add about 2.5 cups of frozen fruit, about 1 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of apple juice or orange juice, then sweeten the whole mixture with honey! Mix it in a blender until it’s all blended together the consistency of a thick shake.

It makes a delicious and refreshing drink – and not only are fruit smoothies flavorful and refreshing but they are also very healthY! Try it and make this fruit drink the flavor of your summer!

Kool Aid Flavors

Right in time for summer, let’s talk about Kool Aid Flavors! The original six flavors of Kool Aid include Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Orange, and Root-Beer. When the powder is mixed with the correct amount of water, all the flavors have a refreshing light taste. They also all have a very sweet-tasting flavor. Grape in particular is slightly different with a sweet-sour flavor, especially appealing to children. If you’re worried about all the sugar in Kool-Aid, you might try the sugar free flavors of kool-aid, which are Cherry, Grape, Lemonade, Soarin’ Strawberry Lemonade, and Tropical Punch. Even the sugar free versions however are surprisingly sweet and are particularly appealing to children for this reason. One interesting fact about Kool Aid: Kool Aid is the official soft drink of Nebraska!

Recipe for Kool Aid / How to Make Kool-Aid: Kool-Aid comes in powder form in little packets. The packet will tell you how much water that should be mixed with the powder. Warm one third of the water instructed in the mixing. Then mix the fruit sugar flavoring from the packet into the warm water. Then put in the rest of the water and stir. Add ice to finish it off. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and you’re ready for this summery-sweet refreshing summer flavor!