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Easy White Chocolate Recipe

If you’re someone that loves white chocolate, you’ll be happy to know that the recipe to make it is really really simple!! So simple in fact that you can almost make it during a commercial break from your favorite TV show!

Here are the ingredients you will need:
1/2 cup (4 oz) cocoa butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/8 cup powdered milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

Step 1. Melt the cocoa butter – the easiest way is to simply but it in a bowl, the heat it up in the microwave! It will melt just like butter (although a little bit slower).

Step 2. Slowly stir in the powdered milk & powdered sugar until thoroughly combined.

Step 3. Stir in the vanilla extract.

Step 4. Pour into a mold! If you don’t have a mold, you can use a silicone cupcake pan, be careful – the white chocolate can stick in a metal pan.

Step 5. Let cool.


Valentine’s Chocolates 2012

One of the most favorite treats to be received on any Valentine’s Day are chocolates! This is true whether you are an adult looking to fill the sweet tooth or a kid in school getting a chocolate from a friend. No matter who you are (unless you are allergic) you will probably be looking forward to some chocolates this February.

Some of the most popular designs of chocolates to give on the special day is the heart. The heart is a sweet symbols of love and affection and chocolate makers take this romantic holiday to transform their sweets into a symbols of love.

Godiva Chocolates

Heart shaped candy boxes are extremely popular and can be found at most stores and online. Flower shops even stock up on chocolate boxes in preparation for the romantic sales they receive every year.

What kind of chocolate should you get for Valentine’s Day?

This is really up to you and your budget but if you take a look at the Godiva Chocolate website you will not be dissapointed at the quality that you will find there. You will find quality chocolates and some paired with teddy bears too! Be sure to get a valentine’s card and some flowers and tell your loved one just how much they mean to you! Happy Valentine’s Chocolate!

Godiva Chocolates

Most popular coffee flavors

What are the most popular coffee flavors? Specifically what kinds of flavorings can you add to coffee and which are the most populars ones added?

Instead of adding creams such as Coffee-Mate and International Delight to your morning cup of Joe try adding something different. There are several types of popular flavor additives your can put in your drink. Vanilla flavoring is probably the most common and easiest to find as well as chocolate.

I know chocolate coffee flavor sounds a little bit weird but it is pretty popular and not un heard of to add a little bit of chocolate syrup to the drink. In fact many people ad this instead of putting sugar in the coffee.

What other flavors can you add? Well, there is a growing trend to add spices to your coffee. This will add a little kick to your drink so you don’t want to add too much just sprinkle a little it of spice such as Cinnamon and stir. You can experiment with different spices too don’t limit yourself to one! If you are a big fan of a particular spice try a sprinkle and see if it works for you!

There are many coffee flavors to add and sometimes it is up to your imagination of what you might like and what you can handle in the morning drink. Of course the most popular way to have coffee is the classic way!

Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act

The Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act is about putting the flavor of real chocolate back into the world! The real chocolate relief act is a program sponsored by Mars to give away 250,000 free chocolate bars every Friday through October 2009. Mars is proud of the fact that they have real chocolate – they claim their chocolate does not have artificial flavoring, but rather the flavor comes from the real cocoa butter it uses. They claim when you are buying chocolate to steer clear of packaging that uses the terms “chocolate flavor”, “chocolate coating”, “chocolaty”, or “made with chocolate”, and rather stick with items that say “milk chocolate,” “semi-sweet chocolate” or “bittersweet chocolate” to ensure you get not just the best flavor, but real chocolate in what you are buying.

To enter the chocolate candy bar giveaway, visit Mars Chocolate Relief.

Breyers ice cream flavors

What are the flavors of Breyers ice cream?

In 1866 William Breyer produced his first gallon of ice cream. The first Breyer’s retail change opened in 1882, and quickly expanded, growing in size and flavors until we have quite a comprehensive list of tasty choices….

The All Natural Breyers Ice cream currently includes the following flavors:
Black Raspberry Chocolate
Butter Almond
Butter Pecan
Caramel Praline Crunch
Cherry Vanilla
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Crackle
Cookies N Cream
Dulce de Leche
Extra Creamy Chocolate, Extra Creamy Vanilla
French Vanilla, Homeade Vanilla, Lactose-Free Vanilla, Natural Vanilla
Mint Chocolate Chip
Nascar Checkered Flag Vanilla and Chocolate
Rocky Road
Triple Chocolate
Vanilla & Caramel
Vanilla Fudge Brownie
Vanilla Fudge Twirl
Vanilla Ice Cream & Orange Sherbet

Breyers claims that, in addition to their Natural ice cream, their Smooth & Dreamy and Double-Churn fat free icecreams do not sacrifice any of the flavor of the natural versions.

Chekc out some Blue Bell ice cream flavors.