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Ovaltine flavors!

Ovaltine flavors and vitamins.

I was looking for an alternative to regular chocolate milk that might be a little bit healthier. The chocolate milk I was buying was 15% saturated fat, so I switched to the 1% chocolate milk.  There is however another option – ovaltine.  Ovaltine isa powedery mix that is added to milk for flavor.  Ovaltine is also popular because it comes fortified with vitamins and minerals – in one of the flavors up to 12 vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, C, D, E, Thiamin, Calcium, Niacin, Riboflavin, and Phosphorus amoung others!  Originally known as ov0maltine, it was originally advertised as being “malt, milk, eggs, flavored with cocoa”.

Today, the three flavors of ovaltine are rich chocolate mix  (this is the newest of the flavors, it gives milk a nice chocolate flavor), chocolate malt mix, and classic malt mix.

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Ovaltine flavors and vitamins.

I was looking for an alternative to regular chocolate milk that might be a little bit healthier. The chocolate milk I was buying was 15% saturated fat, so I switched to the 1% chocolate milk that contained  8% saturated fat. I am not a health nut but I do realize that cutting back in the saturated fat in one area will help a little especially since the chocolate milk is more of a luxury item, and the fact that I buy ice cream on a regular basis. So I picked up a can of Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Malt flavor while browsing the aisles of the beverage section of the grocery store. I am not from the generation that grew up drinking ovaltine on a regular basis, in fact I had not even had a taste of it until I bought this can. I had only heard of it and was curious, I was looking for chocolate, and looking for “healthier” and this seemed to fit what I wanted. So I got home and mixed the 4tbs of ovaltine with a glass of 2% milk. I was expecting a malt taste, and was expecting chocolate, but was surprised to find that it was actually more of a “grown up persons” taste. The malt is very subtle, but you can taste it in there, then you get the chocolate which is also subtle. The two flavors actually mix together nicely. No after taste, not addictive,  and “healthy- er! Of course the 15% saturated fat chocolate milk I was drinking tasted better, there is no doubt, it’s rich, creamy, chocolaty, you can’t beat it! But the benefits of the ovaltine outweigh the traditional chocolate milk. The ovaltine packs in atleast 10 different vitamins and nutrients including:

Vitamin A, C, D , E, calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin, and Niacin. 

That is a few of the benefits to the ovaltine drink. This is a good alternative to anybody thinking they need a change in the chocolate milk routine, atleast try it. And for those who have had tried it, maybe one of the people who grew up drinking it but didn’t like it, try it again! A comment made to me form oen who used to drink this is that, “it never tasted that good before.” So maybe it’s worth another try.

The Ovaltine website  provides 3 different flavors of the ovaltine  powdered drink. Ovaltine Classic Malt Mix, Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Mix, Ovaltine Rich Chocolate malt mix.

Frozen Yogurt Flavors and Recipes

Frozen yogurt is another favorite summer flavor. Frozen yogurt has a flavor that is similar to that of ice cream or sherbet, but it’s not as rich. It is much lighter tasting, and the flavors are usually as abundant as the flavors of ice cream – you’ll find vanilla frozen yogurt, chocolate frozen yogurt, strawberry frozen yogurt, and everything in between. What draws people to frozen yogurt is that it’s usually seen as a much healthier alternative to ice cream as it is much lower in fat.

There is a pretty good frozen yogurt recipe here. Basically, the recipe involves using vanilla, milk, sugar, gelatin, salt, corn syrup, and of course plain yogurt. You cook some of the ingredients, let them cool, combine the rest, chill them, then pour into an ice cream machine and freeze. The recipe above gives you the specifics.

Classic IceCream Flavors – Chocolate & Vanilla

We all know there are 2 main classic ice cream flavors: Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream!

We recently discussed the vanilla classic ice cream flavor in an earlier post. In this post I want to talk about the other Classic Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate.

Ice cream itself is a combination of milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings, whipped and frozen to form the frosty dessert we know as ice cream. You can add just about any flavor you want to “unflavored” ice cream….there is no question however that one of the most popular – and certainly the other classic flavor in addition to vanilla – is chocolate. Chocolate classic icecream flavor

Chocolate is added in a variety of ways to ice cream – it can come partially in vanilla ice cream in the form of flakes, chips, or swirls – or – ice cream can be completely 100% chocolate flavored!  Each of these different variations of adding the chocolate to the ice cream makes it taste different.  With flakes, the ice cream flavor will taste mostly like vanilla ice cream – basically because the chocolate freezes in little chip chunks.  If you are not chewing the icecream (which you probably are not) then the chocolate flakes disappear down your throat, practically untasted by your tongue.  Chocolate chips in the ice cream however will give you a little bit more chocolate taste.  Chips are big enough that you actually have to chew, so although they too are frozen, you are forced to chew the chips apart before swallowing, resulting in some chocolate flavor.  True chocolate connoisseurs however will go for complete chocolate icecream because it tastes the most like chocolate! It is smooth and you do not have to chew it.  The flavor will be mild and creamy and rich with a chocolate aftertaste. If you like things extra chocolaty, go for a richer flavor such as double chocolate, chocolate fudge, or brownie.In a word: delicious!  Want to make your own? The food network has a nice Chocolate Icecream recipe here.

White chocolate, popcorn, mocha, cake, chips, peppermint

Today’s flavor is white chocolate.  White chocolate is a popular variation of the classic flavor chocolate.  White chocolate flavor has been described as tasting like chocolate but with a milky and smoother flavor. The ingredients for white chocolate include sugar, cocoa butter (the fat from cocoa beans), milk solids, lecithin, sugar, and vanilla.  One notable difference between chocolate and white chocolate is that white chocolate does not contain chocolate liquor or cocoa solids.  Because it does not have any cocoa solids, white chocolate (unlike regular chocolate) does not have any caffeine.  White chocolate should not be confused with milk chocolate. (Milk chocolate actually IS chocolate, and contains sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, milk, and vanilla.)  Milk chocolate appears as a brown color like chocolate, while white chocolate appears as white.White chocolate is incredibly popular, and many people that do not care for regular chocolate like white chocolate as the flavor is quite different.  Flavorings of white chocolate include white chocolate pepperment bark which is popular around Christmas.  White chocolate fudge is a popular dessert and is described as being creamy, rich, and very sweet – you can find recipes easy online.  White chocolate cheesecake is popular in the supermarkets – a very dense and decadent dessert.  You’ll never find white chocolate popcorn in a movie theater, however if you find a gourmet popcorn bag, you might find this flavor.  Other items which have been flavored successfully with white chocolate include white chocolate mocha (to drink), white chocolate cookies (you can add white chocolate chips to make them), white chocolate pretzels (very popular and easy to find), white chocolate syrup, white chocolate icing, white chocolate liquer, white chocolate m&ms (yes, they exist), and the list goes on and on.White chocolate – great flavor!!