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Mother’s day food list!

With Mother’s Day coming up in May many people do not realize that you should not only give a nice gift to your mother but you should also try to take your loved Mother out to dinner or even make her something to eat from your own pantry! A light meal for lunch will suffice, who doesn’t love to eat?! So here is a list of meals that your Mom might love to eat on her special day!

Breakfast food:

Making breakfast in bed for your Mother is one of the best ways you can show your love for Mom at the start of the day. There is nothing like getting the morning started off on the right foot! It is probably true that the better mood she is in the morning the better mood you will likely be in! So what should you make for her? All you have to do is keep it simple and make some pancakes or homemade waffles. If done correctly you can show off your culinary skills at the same time! Try adding some color to the breakfast by adding some fresh fruit and a nice syrup, and do not forget a fresh juice to pair up with the meal!


A special lunch on this day could consist of something very light! Try a nice garden salad with some fish or even a gourmet sandwich. The key here is to make it look nice and fancy while tasting good at the same time, whatever you do will be sweet in your mother’s mind… make it with love! Find a great recipe online of her favorite food.

christmas cookies

Christmas time is the time of year that almost any sweet dessert will hit the spot. Probably the most popular dessert for the Holiday’s are Christmas cookies, especially if they are homemade. Homemade Christmas cookies and a nice big glass of cold milk!

So if you are not going to buy your cookies and you want to make them from a recipe what are the most popular or traditional Christmas cookies?

#1: Probably the most beloved, most popular, most eaten, quickest to be gone… the Gingerbread cookie.

#2: Of course, the all around favorite cookie, the one that is so versatile that most people can eat it. The cookie that is soo simple with basic ingredients that if someone turns one away you know they are not allergic but they just don’t like your cookies… The Sugar Cookie!

#3: The third place most popular or most traditional cookie to bake is hard to name. After the first two choices are made third place commonly differs from person to person. Some people love making the cookie bars, cookie balls, shortbread cookies, butter cookies, peanut butter cookies, the list goes on and on…

No matter which cookie you choose to make during the Holiday’s and Christmas they will be eaten… no matter what.


Looking for the best recipes for every day cooking? By far the best place to find recipes for any meal is at the foodnetwork. The network has all the information you need all in one simple website. Whether you are looking for something healthy to cook for the heart, heart healthy recipes! Or if you love to grill and are looking for the best grilling recipe, the food network website if your free recipe haven. If you haven’t already been to the mother of all food sites I suggest you check it out the foodnetwork and find you favorite recipe.

Frozen Yogurt Flavors and Recipes

Frozen yogurt is another favorite summer flavor. Frozen yogurt has a flavor that is similar to that of ice cream or sherbet, but it’s not as rich. It is much lighter tasting, and the flavors are usually as abundant as the flavors of ice cream – you’ll find vanilla frozen yogurt, chocolate frozen yogurt, strawberry frozen yogurt, and everything in between. What draws people to frozen yogurt is that it’s usually seen as a much healthier alternative to ice cream as it is much lower in fat.

There is a pretty good frozen yogurt recipe here. Basically, the recipe involves using vanilla, milk, sugar, gelatin, salt, corn syrup, and of course plain yogurt. You cook some of the ingredients, let them cool, combine the rest, chill them, then pour into an ice cream machine and freeze. The recipe above gives you the specifics.