christmas cookies

Christmas time is the time of year that almost any sweet dessert will hit the spot. Probably the most popular dessert for the Holiday’s are Christmas cookies, especially if they are homemade. Homemade Christmas cookies and a nice big glass of cold milk!

So if you are not going to buy your cookies and you want to make them from a recipe what are the most popular or traditional Christmas cookies?

#1: Probably the most beloved, most popular, most eaten, quickest to be gone… the Gingerbread cookie.

#2: Of course, the all around favorite cookie, the one that is so versatile that most people can eat it. The cookie that is soo simple with basic ingredients that if someone turns one away you know they are not allergic but they just don’t like your cookies… The Sugar Cookie!

#3: The third place most popular or most traditional cookie to bake is hard to name. After the first two choices are made third place commonly differs from person to person. Some people love making the cookie bars, cookie balls, shortbread cookies, butter cookies, peanut butter cookies, the list goes on and on…

No matter which cookie you choose to make during the Holiday’s and Christmas they will be eaten… no matter what.

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