Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor -Homemade and French Vanilla

Vanilla Ice Cream is one of the most popular flavors of ice cream, and some say that of all ice cream eaten, this flavor is eaten more than 50% of the time!  Vanilla ice cream has a very mild flavor that does not overwhelm other flavors, it is therefore a popular choice to be eaten in sundaes, ice cream sodas, cakes, and on its own!  Within vanilla ice cream, you’ll usually find two different flavors – Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream flavor, and French Vanilla Ice Cream flavor.  Homemade vanilla ice cream is the basic version, tasting mild, with a slight to-no after taste…it usually has a yellowish color.  French vanilla ice cream is a bit more complicated, and is custard-based, and is richer and creamier…it usually has a whiter color, sometimes with flecks of brown, and will have a stronger (though still mild) taste to many people…some may find it ever-so-slightly bitter.

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