Pear – shape, juice, and pear flavor

The pear is a popular fruit. The pear’s flavor has been described as being sweet if ripe, or slightly bittery if not ripe. Ideally, the pear will be soft when you bite into it – not hard and crunchy like the apple. It will also be somewhat watery. The pear flavor is not very strong, but mild, with the strongest flavor being the aftertaste. Pears do not have an exotic flavor, and would appeal to people that do not like intense flavors; many people find them easy on the stomach. Pears are at their best when eaten fresh, however you can find canned pears, pear jams, and sometimes even pear juice, although this is not as popular a juice as orange or apple and you might not even find it in the supermarket. The pear is a greenish  color, sometimes when really ripe taking on a brown tinge.

The pear is the edible fruit which grows on the pear tree. The pear shape is very distinctive and the shape “pear” is often used to describe something that is narrow on top and wide on bottom – body shapes can even be described as pear-shaped.

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