Flavor of Creamy Coconut Cake

You may be surprised to find out that the flavor of coconut cake is not as bold and strong as you would think.  Coconut cake has a mild flavor, with most of the coconut flavor being in the frosting, as the frosting is coated with coconut flakes.  Coconut flakes tastes slightly nutty with a mild sweet flavor.  The coconut flakes go on the outside of the frosting on a coconut cake, the result is that the frosting can taste extra sweet when combined with the flavor of the coconuts…the cake itself, which is usually made with coconut milk and coconut cream will have almost no taste when compared with the strong coconut flavor of the frosting….however also keep in mind, the sweet flavor of the coconut overwhelms the comarively not-as-strong flavor of the coconut.  The overall result:  after a few bites of coconut cake, you’ll be mostly tasting a very sweet frosting and can easily forget that you’re even eating a coconut cake…your main clue will be the meaty, nutty flakes on the outside. If you don’t like the flavor of plain coconut milk straight from the coconut, do not be alarmed, chances are very good that you’ll still like coconut cake!!

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