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Yoplait Yogurt Go-gurt Flavors

Yoplait Go-gurt flavors!  Go-gurt is a kind of yogurt that is portable – it is yogurt in a tube!  You are supposed to squeeze the tube to get the yogurt out, it’s specifically targeted for kids.  Go-gurt comes in a selection of flavors meant to appeal to kids, and some of the flavors do have pretty cool names. Here’s a list of the flavors of Yoplait Gogurt:

  • Banana Split / Strawberry Milkshake
  • Cool Cotton Candy / Burstin’ Melon Berry
  • Strawberry Kiwi-Kick / Chill-Out Cherry
  • Rad Raspberry / Paradise Punch
  • Strawberry Splash / Berry Blue Blast
  • Ro-Gurt Special Edition: Shaggy’s Like Cool Punch & Rawberry
  • SpongeBob Special Edition: Strawberry Riptide & Bikini Bottom Berry

Frozen Lemonade Flavor and Recipe!

What makes for a good lemonade flavor? The best lemonade should be slightly sour in flavor, and sweetened only enough to reduce it from being sour enough to make your face cringe. In other words, lemonade should not be very very sweet…err on the side of being sour.  As for Frozen lemonade, keep in mind that you drink frozen lemonade when it is hot, so you want it to be refreshing. If you make it too sweet, you’ll be dissatisfied with it, and you’ll want water.  Therefore, you want to keep frozen lemonade slightly sour in flavor as well.

How do you make frozen lemonade? A good recipe for frozen lemonade that comes out with a good flavor is:

  • approx. 1 cup of lemon juice, 3 cups of crushed ice, 3/4 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of water. Put in the blender and blend!


Anise Flavored Liqueur

Anise Flavored Liqueur is a type of liqueur which is flavored with anise. Pretty simple, eh?  (A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that has a sweet-tasting flavor…liqueurs are often used to add that extra flavor to an alcoholic drink).  You’ll find the taste sweet, and some people would describe the flavor as tasting licorice-like.  The sweet-flavored beverage should be mixed in a cocktail for best tasting results! Different parts of the country call anise-flavored liqueur different things.  There are varieties known as anisette, ouzo, and sambuca.  Absinthe is one variety made from  a narcotic herb (so not widely sold)- wormwood, which a plant whose leaves include absinthine and anabsinthine, and is sometimes used for indegestion.  A drier-flavored variety of anise liqueur is anis.