There are a number of gatorade flavors available, and with summer is quickly approaching, it’s time to brush up on what they are!  This drink comes in actual liquid form or in a powdered mix, and is considered one of the best thirst quenchers.   It is a unique balance of carbohydrates,minerals, and water and has a slightly salty taste to it which encourages you to drink more.

The original flavors included lemon-lime, grape, fruit punch, and orange, however the line has expanded considerably and now includes a number of other flavors including some of the more popular one such as Frost Glacier Freeze, Fierce Grape, Frost High Tide, Ice Lime, Lemon Ice, and Fierce Berry.  Other choices include strawberry, citrus, passion fruit, melon, mandarin, and tropico.  (This is only a partial listing of what is available).

The powdered mix includes:

–  Fierce Grape
–  Fruit Punch
–  Glacier Freeze  Frost
–  Lemon Lime
–  Orange
–  Riptide Rush  Frost

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