Which gum flavor last the longest?

Which flavor of gum last the longest?

Currently there is a brand of gum that advertises as having a “ridiculously long lasting gum.”

The brand is Stride Gum, and they have a number of gum flavors to choose from:

Sweet Cinnamon, forever fruit, sweet berry, nonstop mint, always mandarin, spearmint, and sweet peppermint.

We don’t really have much proof on who has the longest lasting flavors of gum, we can only rely on the research each company does for their own gum brand. And as we all know most companies are biased to, well, to their own company. But if I had to try a gum to see how long it lasts I would start here, at Stride. If they say it lasts long, it better last long!

25 thoughts on “Which gum flavor last the longest?”

  1. i think stride will because i looked up websites that say it does becase they made stride more chewy and the slower you chew it the longer the flavor

  2. ok so my project is due in 10 days and im like half done exept the lst part which is this one! but i actually think its stride , orbit or even 5!

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