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Flavors for your water!

Adding flavor to everyday drinking water is one of the newest crazes hitting the hydrations scene! Who knew that regular water was just too plain and simple for people?! But it is! People finally got bored of that simple tap water and are dumping all sorts of flavor additives! Why not join the fun? Most of the additives being dropped into a glass of water are seemingly harmless (so far) and in fact most of them are adding additional vitamins and minerals that you might want to have absorbed into your body anyway. One thing to look out for however is the type of sweetener being used in these products some of which are artificial, for example, MiO sweetener claims to use acesulfame potassium and sucralose to make the product sweet, this may or may not be a concern to you.

From one of the most popular sites for water flavoring here is a partial list is additives available:

Blueberry Lemonade
Fruit Punch
Cherry Blackberry
Orange Tangerine
Sweet Tea
Peach Tea
Mango Peach
Berry Pomegranate
Strawberry Watermelon
Cranberry Raspberry

Best Eggnog Flavored Foods

A classic Christmas flavor is eggnog, but what many people do not know is that you don’t just have to have plain old eggnog! Around Christmas time you’ll find all sorts of Christmas flavored goodies! Here are some of the best eggnog flavored foods out there that you’ll want to try with that special someone… 😉

1. Eggnog flavored cupcakes – great gift to bring to your parents house on Christmas Eve or Christmas day!
2. Eggnog flavoed coffee- They have special holiday blends of coffee that go right in your K=cup – the eggnog flavor is a don’t-miss holiday treat!
3. Eggnog Smoothies – restaurants and shops are all whipping up special eggnog flavored shakes!
4. Eggnog flavored gumballs – a special holiday treat that you can get right on amazon!
5. Eggnog flavored pancakes! – start your morning right – simple recipes can be found with a quick google search!
6. Eggnog Truffles – you lie truffles? Try these this Christmas!
7. Eggnog Icecream – make this yourself with part icecream, part brandy or whiskey, part cream, and a dash of nutmeg!
8. Eggnog Popcorn – yup, they make it alright!!
9. Eggnog pudding – delicious!
10. Eggnog French Toast – breakfast!!

Chai Tea flavors list

Over the years Chai Tea has become an increasingly popular drink of choice for Americans seeking an alternative to coffee. Even though there are only few drawbacks from drinking coffee, for example- bad breath and stained teeth – people are always on the search for something that can be just a little bit better overall.

This is where Chai Tea comes in… a daily drinker for the people of the country of India Chai has made huge strides in its presence in the US beverage department. Tea companies throughout have embraced what has become a huge movement in the tea community to bring the latest and greatest “mixes” and “blends” of classic teas from around the world.

What is chai tea?
Typically it is a black tea mixed with spices and served with milk and a sweetener.

Here is a list of Chai tea flavors currently available on the market:
Double Pice Black
Decaf Chai
Chai Spice
Black and Green
Green Chai
Chai white tea
Chai red

Water flavors

water flavorsEvery now and then everybody gets tired of drinking just plain water, and for those of you that do, there is a solution! Water Flavorings! While there are many natural ways to flavor water (lime, lemon, grapefruit, even stevia!), there are also companies that have been working on products that will enhance or flavor water for you. The idea is that when you are out jogging, at work, or at play, and you don’t have access to natural ingredients to flavor your water, a liquid or tab enhancer can be quickly put into your water.

The number of these types of products has been increasing recently as people have sought healthier options to sugar-laden sodas.

Here are some of the choices when it comes to flavoring water…

1. MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
– This product, from Kraft Foods was introduced in 2011 and comes in 6 flavors including sweet tea, peach tea, and strawberry watermelon. It is said to have no calories and no caffeine, and is sweetened with artifical sweetener acesulfame potassium and sucralose.

2. Dasani Drops
– This product, from Coca Cola, is due out in October of 2012, and is meant to compete with MiO. It will come in four flavors – Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Pineapple Coconut, and Mixed Berry. Dasani Drops are liquid flavor drops meant to be put into your water . Each bottle allows for 32 servings and are said to have zero calories.

3. Nuun Active Hydration
– Nuun is said to be an electrolyte enhanced drink tab. It comes in eleven flavors including Tri-Berry, Grape, Citrus Fruit, and Banana. It claims to have no sugar or carbs.

K Cup Flavor List

coffee-kcupOne of the newest trends on the coffee market are K Cups – K Cups are individual serving sizes of coffee. One of the things that makes these treats so special is that they come in every flavor imaginable! How they do this is by using all different coffee brands – whether or not you prefer Starbucks, Newman’s Own, Coffee People, or Green Mountain Coffee, chances are you’ll find it in the K-Cup as they carry all these brands! By carrying all these brands, you guessed it, they have plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to making a morning wake-up drinking decision!

Gone are the days of standard boring coffee – your taste buds have a choice of many different tastes – in fact, with a selection of over 200 flavors you won’t get tired!

Here is a list of some of the varieties of K Cups available to you on the market:

Black Tiger Extra Bold Coffee
Donut House Decaf Coffee
Our Blend Coffee
French Vanilla Coffee
Jamaica Me Crazy Coffee
French Roast Extra Bold Coffee
Big Easy Bold Coffee
Breakfast in Bed Coffee
Butter Toffee Coffee
Hazelnut Coffee
Dark Magic Decaf Extra Bold Coffee
Double Black Diamond Extra Bold Coffee
WIld Mountain Blueberry Coffee
Original Donut Blend Coffee
Breakfast Blend Coffee
Italian Roast Extra Bold Coffee
Vermont Country Blend Coffee
Chai Latte Speciality
Island Cocoa Coffee
Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee
Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee
Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee
The Original Donut Shop Extra Blend Coffee
Breakfast Blend Coffee
Dark Magic Extra Bold Coffee
Nantucket Blend Coffee
Newman’s Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee
Columbian Fair Trade Select Coffee
Caribou Blend Coffee
Donut House Coffee
Half Caff Coffee
Daybreak Morning Blend Coffee
French Roast Coffee
Colombian Decaf Coffee
Kahlua Original Coffee
Sumatra Coffee
The Original Donut Shop Decaf Extra Bold Coffee
Pike Place Roast Coffee
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee
Foglifter Coffee
Italian Roast Coffee
French Roast Decaf Extra Bold Coffee
Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee
German Chocolate Cake Coffee
Southern Pecan Coffee
English Breakfast Black Tea
Cinnamon Pastry Coffee
Cafe Mocha Specialty
Jet Fuel Extra Bold Coffee