Best Eggnog Flavored Foods

A classic Christmas flavor is eggnog, but what many people do not know is that you don’t just have to have plain old eggnog! Around Christmas time you’ll find all sorts of Christmas flavored goodies! Here are some of the best eggnog flavored foods out there that you’ll want to try with that special someone… 😉

1. Eggnog flavored cupcakes – great gift to bring to your parents house on Christmas Eve or Christmas day!
2. Eggnog flavoed coffee- They have special holiday blends of coffee that go right in your K=cup – the eggnog flavor is a don’t-miss holiday treat!
3. Eggnog Smoothies – restaurants and shops are all whipping up special eggnog flavored shakes!
4. Eggnog flavored gumballs – a special holiday treat that you can get right on amazon!
5. Eggnog flavored pancakes! – start your morning right – simple recipes can be found with a quick google search!
6. Eggnog Truffles – you lie truffles? Try these this Christmas!
7. Eggnog Icecream – make this yourself with part icecream, part brandy or whiskey, part cream, and a dash of nutmeg!
8. Eggnog Popcorn – yup, they make it alright!!
9. Eggnog pudding – delicious!
10. Eggnog French Toast – breakfast!!

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