What is eggnog? Eggnog is a traditional Christmas holiday drink made from mostly cream and eggs sprinkled on top with some nutmeg.

Traditionally spiked with Whiskey, Bourbon, or rum, but you can choose any spike you like!

Eggnog comes mostly in the one flavor, and that is a creamy, vanilla type of flavor that is very rich! There is also a hint of spice once you add the nutmeg.

Chocolate eggnog? Never seen it or heard of it but there must be a reason why they don’t make it. If you are looking for an eggnog recipe your best bet if to search the FoodNetwork website.

If you want to skip the hassle of making your own the Borden brand of eggnog is very rich and tasty. Most grocery store chains also sell their own version which many times are just as close to the quality of Borden’s.

Merry Christmas!

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