Spice Classics

Spice classics is the brand name of a good line of spices that you can buy in your local supermarket.  The Spice Classics line has all flavors of spices including: Seasoned Salt, Garlic Powder, Italian Seasoning, Crushed Red Pepper, Dill Weed, Cream of Tartar, Sage, Celery Seed, and more.  The Spice Classics line actually really has almost every type of spice for seasoning, and their prices are very competitive.

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  1. How is the shelf life of your dry spices determined? For example,on the bottom of the plastic container of your Italian Seasoning this appears 3372AH. What does this mean? No other markings appear that would suggest an expiration date.

  2. cAN i ORDER THESE (rED & yELLOW plastic containers, red cap) online? Grocery stores in this area carry fewer andfewer of these — like, only two or three.,

  3. For some time now, I cannot find dill weed in any fof my supermarkets. Can you tell me why? osdr can I buy it directly from you online?

  4. But where can you find them?? I used to buy the vegetable flakes all the time, I love using them in most of my dishes… great for a busy mom! But I haven’t seen them in the stores in forever! I’m so upset.

    Is there a website I can order them from? Does anyone know?

    I’d love to get some more!

  5. I, like one of your other commenter ‘s remarked , have a hard time finding dill weed in stores . I find that your spices are fresh , and reasonable in price, but the selection in stores is limited to only a few choices. I would like to order direct , or find a store in my area that carries a full line.

  6. I had an old Lemon Pepper seasoning from Flavor Classics, I hope it’s still being sold somewhere, I have looked in several grocery store’s but can not find the brand, I have tried other brands of Lemon Pepper seasoning, but none are nearly as good and it was at a very good price. Most other brands have large chunks and do not season as well. If you know anyone that carries this brand of Lemon Pepper in Jacksonville Florida, please let me know. If not, is there a website I can order from?
    Thank You

  7. Re: recent purchase of crushed red pepper 2.12 oz container. Lid seemed to be molded to bottom of container; and, I could not remove the lid. Had to cut with a hacksaw to get to the contents. Thought you might want to investigate your packing procedure. I use this product and many others of your line in my cooking; but, additionally use it mixed with birdseed to deter the squirrels from squandering all the birdseed. Barcode # is 0 529661 7. Thank you.

  8. Have had a difficult time in finding the celery seed brand. I really like the quality of it. Would like to know if I can order them on the web.

  9. My family loves the Spice Classics brand of garlic pepper, however the stores in the Wausau, WI area have not been carrying it lately. Can you advise how we can purchase this in the area or on-line? Thank you!

  10. I love the spice classic garlic pepper, with the brow sugar and red pepper onion I sure wish I could find it. I don’t remember where i got it at help

  11. I love the spice classics, garlic and pepper seasoning salt but can only buy it when visiting the USofA. Can you tell me is there anywhere in Ireland, England or Portugal that it can be purchased . Please

  12. What is the expiration date on “Spice Classics Ground cinnamon” ? Code on the bottom is 3355AH. I just bought it today.

  13. Is this a spice conspiracy? Should there not be a law stating every food product or more basically anything a consumer buys to put in their mouth and consume have an expiration date printed plainly on the product? Why do spices get away without doing so?

  14. I’m not 100% sure but I believe the code on the bottom is a Julian code where its actually the date of production like for an example above `2205A` where the first 2 is the last date of the year and 205 is the number day of the year so that would be roughly end of June begining of July of 2012.. What I want to know is what is the shelf life of these products?? I’m researching it now and if I find it I will come back and let you all know

  15. Now that I’m looking back at the post I see that there codes said ‘2205A’ and that was in November 2011 that they purchased the product. So that must be the date that it expires June 2012.. Usually like code style ‘the Julian code’ is production dates.. i guess not all companies use it in that way..

  16. Hi, I need to know if spice classics ANISE extract has an expiration date? Does it expire , I can’t find an expiration date on it ?

  17. I have always enjoyed your spices. I have some that are not used that often. Could you please explain the send me the infomation on the codes? Thanks for you help.

    D Partain

  18. Hi,
    I also am in need of your Vegetable Flakes. Where can I buy them? Live in South Bend area of Indiana.

  19. Why can’t I find the Spice Classics Vegetable Flakes anymore? That is the best brand for making my chicken soup and gravy.

  20. I am looking for spice classics fish seasoning can’t find it anywhere where. Use too purchase at dollar store

  21. I, like other commenters, am wondering where I can find the Vegetable Flakes by “Spice Classics”….and Why aren’t any of the answers to the the inquiries posted, here??

  22. I heard they went out of business, I would like to know if its true I was looking for the chicken seasoning.

  23. I heard they went out of business, I would like to know if its true I was looking for the chicken seasoning.

  24. Looking to speak with someone of the possibility of sponsorship/partnership of my TV Show – Salt…Pepper N Memories. My TV show airs weekly and is in the homes of 4 1/2 million viewers.
    My TV Show – Salt…Pepper N Memories is a cross between American Bandstand & Soul Train with a major twist….that twist is that my guests and I actually cook on the TV Show.
    I would love to share more about my TV Show with you

  25. Hello, I live in Falls Pa I am looking for garlic & pepper spice stores do not have it around here. Where can I find this spice!

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  27. How can I find out the expiration date on certain spices I have in jars titled Spice Classics. Example: Paprika

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