McCormick Extract Flavors

extract flavorsMcCormick is a company which specializes in spices.  In particular, they have a line of Extract Flavors which you can find in supermarkets and convenience stores.  These extracts are used in baking and cooking to enhance the food and to help add the subtle flavor of an extra ingredient that you may or may not have in your recipe. Their line includes both “imitation” and “Pure” extracts and are priced accordingly. Many cooks will only use the “pure” variety, citing the fact that the imitations are not as strong, rich nor as flavorful. There are others however that have found that the imitation line is quite good. The general concensus however is when in doubt, for the best flavor, go with the “pure” extract.

Flavors in their line include:

Raspberry Extract
Root Beer Concentrate
Pure Anise Extract
Pure Almond Extract
Pure Coffee Extract
Pure Lemon Extract
Pure Orange Extract
Pure Mint Extract
Pure Peppermint Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract
Imitation Maple
Imitation Rum
Imitation Strawberry
Imitation Vanilla Butter & Nut
Baker’s Imitation Vanilla
Cinnamon Extract
Imitation Almond Extract
Imitation Banana Extract
Imitation Butter
Imitation Coconut Extract
Imitation Hazelnut

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  1. You use to carry a black walnut extract. What happened with that flavor? My mother looks for it every year, at holiday time.

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