Love or Hate? 9 Watermelon Flavored Foods!

1. Watermelon flavored gum – most gums carry this flavor, especially during summertime as it is a very popular choice!

2. Watermelon flavored Oreos – you heard about it here first! You can pick them up only in Target stores.

3. Ice Cream flavored like watermelon – Yes, they have it. Although many watermelon flavors you find are in sherbet, they do have it in icecream….to try some, you can check out the Watermelon Chip flavor at BaskinRobbins!

4. Watermelon Radish – I’m not really sure what to even say about this. Yes, it is indeed a real vegetable. A watermelon radish! They are about 4 inches in diameter and look like green radishes with a hot pink interior.

5. Watermelon Fudge – There are a number of places online that sell it, and you can also find recipes so that you can make it yourself – many get the watermelon flavor by addeing “watermelon oil”.

6. Watermelon Flavored Cereal – If you’re looking for the taste of summer in your breakfast food, check out a box of Trix which includes “fruity flavors” including watermelon!

7. Watermelon Gazpacho Soup – this is a popular soup with vegeterians…served cold in summer, many think it is quite refreshing!

8. Watermelon Sweet Tea – This is a popular drink in the south..drink it iced…the flavors are quite good!

9. “Salty Watermelon” Pepsi – This drink is a seasonal release by Pepsi in Japan, and was released July of 2012…haven’t seen any evidence if it’s out again in 2013 or not.

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