Watermelon Oreo flavor takes Target by storm!

Oreos aren’t the plain chocolate creme-filled cookie you remember from your childhood! Oh no, they aren’t. They are developing and changing with the times. And the newest flavor? One that you just won’t be able to stop thinking about….


Yes, that’s right – Watermelon flavored Oreos!
This special flavor is a limited edition release that is made special for summer 2013….and it is sold only – and exclusively – at Target stores.

The cookie itself does not contain actual watermelon (sorry!) but rather watermelon flavor, and it is not chocolate, but rather on a golden cookie. The creme filling is not white, but rather half green and half red.

Reviews of the cookie so far have been mixed – people that have not tried the cookie say it sounds so unappetizing they won’t even buy it! But those that are brave enough to buy it have been pleasantly surprised saying that the cookie is actually quite good, with claims that the watermelon flavor is not overwhelming at all and blends in nicely with the sweetness of the cookie.

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