Cadbury egg flavors

The most familiar and most sought after Easter holiday treat… the cream filled chocolate egg! Did you know that the cream filled egg dates its origins back to the 1920’s? It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the Cadbury brothers introduced the tasty Easter themed treat to the world as we know it today! You might even think that the Cadbury is Made in the USA, however, a fun fact is that the chocolate is actually Made in Canada.

The original cream filled egg is a milk chocolate shell with a cream filled fondant, however, as time has passed by so has the vision for the original dessert. Other flavors and different sizes have been introduced making it a semi-versatile chocolate treat.

The flavors that you’ll find sitting next to the cash register or in the chocolate isle of your favorite store include:

  • Caramel Egg – Crack open a Cadbury Caramel Egg and you’ll find a soft gooey delicious caramel center! This egg has been around since 1994!
  • Cadbury Creme Egg – This is the classic egg that everyone is familiar with – open one up and you’ll find a soft center that is white and appears to have a yellow yolk…it’s nothing but sugary sweetness that goes perfectly with the thick milk chocolate shell!
  • Chocolate Creme Egg – Chocolate shell filled with a rich chocolate creme in the middle – perfect choice for the chocoholic!  This one joined the lineup in 1999!
  • Mini Eggs – the Cadbury Mini Eggs are  just a smaller version of the creme egg.  Many people prefer this size as it’s easier to manage thanks to its size!

Discontinued flavors include:

  • Peppermint Egg (last produced in 2010)
  • Dream eggs (white chocolate on the outside, chocolate on the inside – last produced in 2010)
  • Giant Creme Eggs – (last produced in 2006)
  • Border Creme Eggs (last produced in 1981, this was a chocolate egg shell with chocolate fondant inside)
  • Berry Creme Eggs (last seen in the late 1990s)
  • Mad About Chocolate Eggs (last produced in 2010)
  • Creme Egg Twisted (looked kind of like a candy bar but with the classic egg fillling…was very unpopular and was last produced in 2011)

There is no information if these eggs discontinued, but they are no longer listed as official flavors by Cadbury:

  • Orange Creme Eggs – a favorite of many, these eggs recently disappeared from shelves and are not listed on the Cadbury site!
  • Mint Creme Eggs (they have a GREEN yolk!)
  • Caramilk Egg (supposed to taste just like a Caramello)
  • Marble Egg (meaning a mix of chocolate and milk)
  • Cadbury McFlurry (yes, a McDonald’s version of the egg, only produced in some countries)

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