How to Flavor Quinoa

One of the problems with quinoa, and perhaps the reason why more people don’t eat it, is that not many people know how to get the flavor right. Eaten plain, quinoa can be…well, plain (and thus unappetizing to many). The trick therefore is in the flavoring of your quinoa…and luckily, it goes with lots of different things! If you want to eat your quinoa plain (and not stuff it in something like peppers, or sprinkle it on something like cereal or salads, there are ways to spice up the flavor! Here are some tips on how to get the best flavor out of your quinoa:

1. Chicken Broth or Vegetable Broth – A quick and easy way to get extra instant flavor in your quinoa is to use part chicken or vegetable broth instead of water when cooking your quinoa.

2. Garlic/Olive Oil – Many people saute their quinoa with garlic and olive oil before boiling to freshen and enliven the taste. (The quinoa aborbs the flavor).

3. Bay Leaves – If you want more of a subtle flavor, you can add a bay leaf while cooking your quinoa.

4. Lime/Scallions – Another fresh flavor is to add lime and scallions to your quinoa!

Finally, remember to rinse your quinoa! – There is alot of debate online about whether or not your should be rinsing it. The answer: most cooks will tell you yes, you should rinse it. Quinoa has an outer coat of a chemical called saponin – this is a natural chemical, but to a person’s palate, it has a very bitter taste. If you don’t rinse it off, your quinoa will taste bitter. If the quinoa you’re eating does not taste bitter and you have not been rinsing it, chances are that it has already been rinsed! Manufacturers of many companies will pre-rinse the quinoa prior to packaging! (or course, there’s nothing wrong with rinsing again! 🙂

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