Liquid bacon flavoring

liquid bacon flavoring
Torani Bacon Flavoring

I am really not sure what you would do with liquid bacon flavored syrup, but you can find it if you look hard enough. Bacon has a huge following behind it with a driving force that propels the food into certain area of flavoring that it probably should never have belonged to.

Nevertheless, if you love bacon, love it to the point that you would put some maybe… in your coffee for example… then you should check out the Torani Bacon flavored syrup. Specially made for bacon enthusiasts and people who are just insane crazy about the flavor it delivers.

“Bacon enthusiasts will recognize the same savory, meaty flavor as authentic bacon in this salty, sweet syrup. Torani Bacon syrup adds savory bacon flavor to cocktails, lattes, sauces and more. Just add 1/2 – 1 oz. of syrup to a 6-8 oz. beverage, and enjoy this innovative new flavor from Torani.” Ref:

You can visit their site if you are unable to locate theĀ Liquid bacon flavoring syrup at your local grocer. Good luck and happy Bacon-ing!

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