How to make quinoa flavorful

I get questions all the time from people who ask how we make quinoa so flavorful and packed with great taste. Quinoa is not a scary as you think and in fact it is just as easy to make as rice expect it a lot more beneficial to your body the regular white rice. Just remember since the consistency and texture is a little different from rice it does take a little practice to make this powerful super food perfect for the entire family.

The beauty of quinoa is that is is easy to make and extremely versatile in the kitchen. It is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free (unless you add the dairy in a separate recipe). You can make it breakfast “oatmeal” style or you can have it for dinner with chicken or steak, it even pairs well, with your favorite fish.

This is the process of how you make our quinoa dish: Simple, packed with flavor, and delicious!

The secret? Cook you quinoa in a rice cooker. Thats it! A rice cooker is the secret. Add salt, garlic, chopped onion, and some chopped nuts. Practice makes perfect so try doing this a few times and do not give up on the first try. Use a heavier hand on these ingredient than you would normally as if you were making say, a dish of rice, just be sure not to give up on the first try.


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