Easy pulled pork sandwiches

A pulled pork sandwich and a cold beverage on a Saturday afternoon is a great way to kick off those long summer days! If you have not done so yet check out the crock pot pulled pork recipe so that you can make these awesome sandwiches for your family and friends!

The recipe for easy pulled pork sandwiches is pretty simple once you have the dish made. The ingredients are as complex or as basic as you want! Let your imagination run wild when creating this food for your household.

  • The Recipe:

What you need for the basic Easy pulled pork sandwiches:

  • 1 Prepared dish of pulled pork
    Hamburger buns or your pick of bread rolls, I recommend the pretzel ones as they add a little extra oomph, from the bakery at your local store
    BBQ sauce.
  • Directions:
  • Add the BBQ sauce to the already heated and prepared pulled pork, combine until all of the pork is smothered in the sauce. You can add as much or as little sauce as you want, remember, this is about pleasing your appetite and your taste buds!
    Slice your bread in half and begin to add the pork to each sandwich, again, you can add as much or as little as you want here depending on y9our appetite and guests you are serving.

Enjoy! Remember this is your basic sandwich and you can put anything else in terms of toppings on this dish!

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