list of 2013 girl scout cookie flavors

Here’s a complete list of what kind of girl scout cookies you’ll find this year! (You can find the 2012 flavors here).  There are 11 different types and flavors to enjoy (or 14 depending on how you count – since there are different bakeries that make them, a few of the cookies go by different names!), and each is better than the last!   The big change in the cookies for 2013 is the new box design which is intended to give customers are better insight into the “girl scout experience”.

So, ready to choose your cookie? There is actually even a new flavor for 2013!! (also, note, if you’re looking for Shout-Outs, they were discontinued!) Here are the types of cookies you’ll find and what you have to decide between:

  1. Mango Creme – This is the newest cookie flavor introduced in 2013, and is intended as a “healthy” choice.  They are vanilla and coconut flavored and have the creme has a mango flavor.  It is said that they are loaded with vitamins, and indeed the box does say that they have 6% Vitamin A, 2% Cacium, 15% Vitamin B1, 6% Vitamin E, 6% Vitamin B6, 4% Iron, and 6% Vitamin D for every three cookies. Remember though, these are in fact still cookies, so don’t get too excited with the health benefits! 😉
  2. Thin Mints – These cookies are a traditional favorite that shows up year after year. They look like small round chocolate covered cookies, and inside also looks like a brown crumbly cookie. They however have a surprising tasty mint flavor and are delicious!
  3. Samoas – These girl scout cookies are a CLASSIC choice and are the favorite of most people.  They are a small round cookie covered in coconut and caramel, and have chocolate stripes.  They are crunchy taste like the perfect mixture of caramel, coconut and chocolate. If you like any of these ingredients, this is the girl scout cookie choice for yoU!  Please, try not to eat the whole box at once! 😉
  4. Thank U Berry Munch – A cookie with white-fudge chips and cranberries. They taste tart and sweet at the same time!
  5. Dulce de Leche – Small bite size cookies (serving size are 5 cookies!) that have milk carmel chips in them.
  6. Savannah Smiles – This choice is coated with powdered sugar and taste lake lemon!
  7. Thanks-A-Lot – A shortbread with fudge on the bottom.  It has a milder taste than some of the other girl scout choices.
  8. Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs – For anyone that likes peanut butter, this is the choice for yoU! These cookes are coated with peanut butter and chocolate…kind of like a cookie version of a Reeces Pieces!
  9. Trefoils / Shortbread – These are both shortbread cookies.  Depending on where you are, some boxes will say Trefoils, others will say Shortbread. Both have similar tastes!
  10. Do-si-dos / Peanut Butter Sandwich – Again, these are basically the same cookie, but some boxes call them do-si-dos, others call them peanut butter sandwiches.  They are a crisp sandwich cookie with peanut butter on the inside! Many people grew up with these cookies and consider them one of their favorites!
  11. Lemonades – You can find these types of cookies in the supermarket, but noone does them the way the girl scouts do – they are shortbread with lemon icing.  They might be thin, but the nice thing about these is that the serving size is 8 cookies!!

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