Picnic Food Ideas

Picnic food ideas can be pretty simple or very complex depending on how involved you would like to get. Everyone probably knows the basics, sandwich meat, bread, and chips; this is probably the most basic picnic food setup you can conjure up. And there is nothing wrong with that sandwiches are good!

A way to make those same ol’ sandwiches a little more interesting is to upgrade some of the ingredients for your outdoor adventure. First thing I would do for the picnic idea is upgrade the bread. Go to the bakery department of your grocery store and choose a nice fresh bread ¬†instead of the old bagged white or wheat bread you find down the aisle. Most bakery departments have a selection of breads to choose from, for example sour dough, once you select the bread ask them to cut it for you. They will be more than happy to cut your bread loaf into individual slices. If you don’t want to or have time to wait on them try grabbing a fresh bag from the same department. They usually have fresh bags of bread rolls or hoagies types and other selections.

The next picnic upgrade idea is to choose your meat and your condiments. Aside from those you can pick out different “toppings” to go along with your sandwich. The best thing to do would be to look up a nice recipe, but if you are willing to try something new for your outing you will find several choices to choose from.

Try artichoke hearts! On the sandwich artichoke hearts from a jar can be very good! Be careful which meat your pair it with though I have never tried them with bologna but just be aware of the “normal” sandwich meats these ingredients are paired with. Olives from a jar are another good topping to add more flavor and mushrooms can go with many different varieties of meat.

Some “sides” to choose from could be pickles and chips. When you choose the chips try getting something you normally don’t get, maybe try a gourmet chip. It will add to your adventure!


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